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Opulent Lifestyle,

an Opulent Events by Gracie™ Private Club

is a hand-selected elite association that connects its members with unique services, amazing products, networking opportunities, and memorable experiences especially appreciated by those who have discerning tastes, lead innovative corporations, and live extraordinary lifestyles.


consist of affluent individuals

and families as well as business owners and large corporations who understand the importance of blending customized hospitality experiences into their busy lives and today’s corporate environment.

They realize time
is a precious commodity and are relieved

to relinquish the tasks of researching the trendiest products, planning the most stylish and flawless social or corporate event, and creating detailed travel itineraries for one-of-a-kind experiences around the world.

Members enjoy
the most lavish offerings

to fulfill their personal or corporate needs with highly personalized products and VIP concierge services, privileged access, exclusive promotions, and chartered private jet travels.

Opulent Lifestyle

There’s no limit to your imagination as you explore the possibilities and the many luxuries of Club membership.

Live Opulently!

If you would like to become a member, please contact us to learn more details about the Club and our exclusive membership offerings.

We maintain an exceptionally high standard of excellence in the experiences and products we provide to our club members. Therefore, the list of renowned goods and services we discerningly have chosen are among the most unique and distinguished available throughout the world, and we wish to enthusiastically share some of them with you.

Please inquire about our private club by contacting us at: club@opulenteventsbygracie.com