A Growth Mindset that Consists of a Positive and Proactive Posture and Embraces Challenges

Expert Interviews: Nina Antinora, Change It Up, LLC

Tell us a little about Change It Up and your specialty:

We specialize in Leadership & Self Development with a Mindful Twist! Our programs provide transformational solutions to help our clients change mindset and behavior in order to achieve increased success through a mindful lens.  We focus on infusing our clients’ industry-specific knowledge & technical skills with our proprietary mindful methods through the following mediums: in-person and virtual corporate leadership and small business/entrepreneurship programs, interactive workshops, various coaching platforms, and online toolkits. We provide our clients with transformational strategies and best practices that align with our clients’ key initiatives and goals to enhance communication, engagement, and productivity— no matter the circumstance!

What’s unique about your services?

We’re all about bridging cognitive and emotional intelligence in order to create 360° Leaders (and overall Humans!) Our 3-Core Techniques for Transformation (The TEBB Method™, Barrier Breakthrough™, and The 3R’s™) serve as the springboard for all of our programs and is one of our main key differentiators. These proprietary methods provide increased awareness along with a clear and concise path to uncover pain points (and/or blind spots) in order to overcome barriers and achieve desired goals. Our clients not only learn how to adapt to change— they gain vital skills to THRIVE amongst adversity! This growth mindset and behavior organically translates into boundless success— at work and at home!

Who’s your target marketing?  Why?

CIU (Change It Up) has extensive experience working with global organizations that are inundated with data and deadlines! The majority of our clients are across various business units and therapeutic areas within the pharmaceutical, biotech, and life sciences industry, as well as IT and consumer products. We also partner with small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to take their business to the next level.

The success of a business (especially for entrepreneurs & small business owners) depends on a business mindset.  What are some key traits to have as a business mindset person?  Do you feel these traits are key to have even with management levels in major corporations?  Why?

Mindset is HUGE! The success of an individual, team, and overall organization starts with awareness. Awareness is the foundation for any type of business development, growth, and longevity. We must leverage our awareness in order to adopt and implement a business (growth) mindset across all areas and functions. Whether you lead an organization of 10,000 or 10 employees, this way of thinking is an integral part of any success formula (along with the process, strategy, application, etc.). Being adaptable (open to change), resilient, and remaining positive through times of adversity are all part of a growth mindset.

Please explain the difference between the “Growth Mindset” and “Fixed Mindset”?

Having a growth mindset enables us to see the opportunity in the obstacle. It’s all about believing that our talents, intelligence, and abilities can be developed through effort. A growth Mindset consists of a positive and proactive posture and embraces challenges, along with constructive feedback for growth. Someone with a fixed mindset believes that their talents, intelligence, and abilities are ‘what they are’ and that applying any effort is fruitless. Those with a fixed mindset see things very black and white and approach business (and life) from a lens that is often based on limiting beliefs. This is a very rigid and fear-based mentality that does not foster a success mindset.

What are some of the necessary steps to developing a success-oriented mindset?

Here’s a simple 3-Step Success Mindset Roadmap from one of my Mindful Leadership Programs. In order to develop a success/growth mindset:

  1. Be Aware— uncover your blind spots and/or limiting beliefs that may be preventing you from moving forward. In addition to identifying any fixed mindset behaviors through increased awareness, you also have the ability to shift focus to your strengths and celebrate small wins that help enhance self-confidence, gain clarity, and focus.
  2. Be Present— don’t allow past (negative) experiences to dictate your current thoughts, beliefs, or behavior. Start where you are and direct your energy towards the things you can control— which are your thoughts and emotions. Don’t waste precious time and energy on things out of your control.
  3. Be Non-Judgmental— of self and others. Don’t compare yourself to the ‘Joneses’ or someone (who you think is) in a similar situation. Please do not make assumptions. Seek to understand first and through those new insights, create an action plan that is best suited for your greater good.

When we are creating from a place of authenticity, we are inherently set up to succeed! The rest comes down to mindset, knowledge, process, and passion!

How do we know if we have a healthy business mindset or not?

Great question! This ties into what I mentioned above about authenticity. In order for us to have anything in life or business to be ‘healthy’, we must go within to determine what we are most passionate about and what contribution we have to offer. To cultivate a healthy business mindset, we must create a path that allows for continual alignment with our values and mission. Which again is tethered to our authenticity— as a leader, innovator, and everything in between.

We say change is good, but in fact, many don’t care for change and find it more difficult to adapt to it.  What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve experienced when helping others change their mind to a business mindset (or new and improve one)?  Why?

Yes, indeed ‘change’ can be a scary, overwhelming, and ominous word when we approach anything new (or different) from a ‘fixed mindset’. However, when we adopt a ‘growth mindset’ we are able to approach ‘change’ from a place of excitement, inspiration, creativity, and recognize this moment as a sea of endless possibilities. The biggest challenge my clients face is limiting beliefs. This is coupled with time constraints (learning something new with an already full plate), along with fear of the unknown or ‘looking inadequate’ to their colleagues or managers during the transition. Let’s face it, when we’re in a groove or doing something that we’re ‘used to doing’ we all experience a certain degree of comfort and confidence. When change is introduced into our daily routine, this creates an instant ripple throughout our current systems in place. And, those with a fixed mindset tend to have a knee-jerk ‘panic’ reaction. Through Change It Up®’s mindful programs we help our clients combat this knee jerk reaction and fear by — redefining, realigning, and reimagining change—for success!

Gary Vaynerchuk says; he worries about entrepreneurs that treat entrepreneurship like a trend.  What’s your take on this?

I think anyone who approaches anything from a place of inauthenticity or ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ mentality is set up for failure (eventually). You may be able to get a business up and off the ground by leveraging current trends and jumping on various industry bandwagons, but it takes authenticity to drive self-motivation and discipline, along with adaptability, and the persistence needed to be a successful entrepreneur.  I say this from the standpoint that these are not easy attributes to implement through any adversity (such as launching a business), so we must align with our true selves and desires in order to leverage the unconditional passion and performance to catapult an idea into an actual business.

We all (or should) have a business mogul/influencer that we learn and grow from.  Who would you say is your business influencer?  Why?

There are many entrepreneurs that I think are true industry trailblazers and demonstrate the utmost growth mindset, along with empathic leadership abilities. I admire Marcus Lemonis, Sara Blakely, Lewis Howes, Brene Brown, Glenn Stearns, Danielle LaPorte, and Daniel Lubetzky. Their passion, vulnerability, determination, and resilience is such an inspiration!

How can people get in touch with you for your services?

Please visit www.changeitup.com or email support@changeitup.com 

Is there anything else you’ll like to share with the readers?

I really enjoyed chatting with you today, Gracie! Happy to have shared some best practices and insights on how to up-level business success and increase daily joy! For additional tips and support, I can also be found on IG as ChangeItUpwNina and on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/nina-antinora-cpc-2804475/


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