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Call us at 1-215-376-5758 or Email us at sales@opulenteventsbygracie.com

Opulent Events by Gracie is a full service event management company based in Philadelphia.



23 states legalizing cannabis and 11 states recreationally extremly fast growing industry

With 23 states legalizing cannabis medicinally, and 11 states recreationally,
the cannabis industry is a multi-billion dollar industry
that continues to grow at an extremely fast pace across the US.

There are a variety of issues and topics

that need to be communicated to healthcare providers, communities, corporations, educators, politicians, scientists, investors, farmers, marketing specialists, and small business owners. Such topics include:

  • State & Federal rules & regulations
  • Retail/dispensaries
  • Agriculture/growers
  • Hemp & CBD Products
  • Health Benefits & Risks
  • Educational Studies & Statistics
  • Corporate Personnel Policies
  • Small Business & Investment Opportunities
  • Political Lobbyists
  • State Health Departments

Hosting events is the most engaging and timely way to share industry-specific knowledge and to network with professionals across these varied disciplines and topics. Merging our executive travel and VIP concierge services with our event management expertise allows our clients the benefit of contacting only one company to plan, market, manage, and execute all of their cannabis and events.

Choose all or some of our many professional services:

Source & coordinate

venues, sponsors, speakers, entertainers, accommodations, & travel arrangements, including our multiple location roadshow approach

Create event website

with registration and marketing functionality

Strategize & execute

the best type of event platform, target market, set design, signage, logo, & printed materials

Opulent Events by Gracie has the knowledge and expertise to fully manage a results-oriented cannabis event from initial concept to a successfully executed conference, workshop series, or large expo.  Simply share your vision and goals, and we will strategically conceive a customized plan that will allow you to stake your “Cannabis Gold Rush” claim, while at the same time elevate your organization’s awareness and credibility as a leader in the cannabis industry.

Call us at 1-215-376-5758 or Email us at sales@opulenteventsbygracie.com

So if you are looking for the perfectly organized event, the time is now.