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Having a spending plan is a plan of how you will spend money strategically

Expert Interviews: Pamala McCoy, CEO/Author/International Speaker

Tell us a little about BONA5d:

BONA5D Credit Consultants, LLC was established in 2008. We provide real solutions toward credit education. Our financial capability education/personal money management tools equip organizations, individuals, and community members with the knowledge necessary to make key fiscal improvements that help to develop healthier, more vibrant, stress-free lives.

BONA5D’s credit education sessions are designed to provide an in-depth understanding of financial risks as well as resources and practical application of improved financial literacy. At BONA5DCC, we meet people at their level of financial capability and customize sessions to teach sound foundational concepts from the perspective of our 'E5' Principles

  • We provide tools that can be used immediately to strengthen fiscal health and impact their physical health (EDUCATE)
  • We enable participants to take control of the financial destiny (EMPOWER)
  • We equip individuals to make the gradual changes for lasting impact (EVOLVE)
  • We impart transformational insight (ENLIGHTEN)
  • We unleash the abundant wealth that knowledge brings (ENRICH)

It is our vision to equip our community with the knowledge necessary to positively impact their lives while improving and securing their financial futures.

What makes you unique? 

It is my belief that each person has some level of knowledge that is why I refer to what I do as financial capability education instead of financial literacy. That said, we meet those that we serve at their level of knowledge and build from there. We customize our sessions to ensure that participants "GET IT".

What are the services you offer?

BONA5DCC offers customized seminars and select one-on-one consultations. Though we focus on financial capability education/personal money management, we also teach on various other topics such as (but not limited to):

  • Time management
  • Life skills
  • Employability

I've always incorporated self-esteem in my sessions because money and mind are intertwined. However, amidst the COVID Pandemic, I received what I refer to as my assignment from "The BIG GUY" with the purpose of focusing on females and their self-esteem specifically. Thus, in June 2020 the B5 ReAffirm division of BONA5DCC was birthed with the first product of that brand being my B5 ReAffirmation Box: SELF-ESTEEM IN A BOX along with its G.R.A.C.E. workbook.

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Tell us about your background and what lead you here?

I have more than 28 years of experience in the credit industry. I have been recognized among top industry professionals, named as one of Collections & Credit Risk’s Top Women in Credit & Collections, and was nominated for Tampa Business Woman of the Year from 2007 – 2011. I am passionately inspired by my work, and my goal is to strengthen our community networks and individuals through delivering powerful credit educational awareness and financial literacy tools via financial capability education seminars and one-on-one consultations.

I am also an author, have had a book written about me, and contributing author of an anthology. I have been referred to as the "EMPOWERMENT EVOLUTIONARY". I serve on a few boards, I am a community advocate, and am a perpetual volunteer. I have been called on by television news and other media broadcasts to provide professional opinions and insight into the world of financial security.

Innately, I am an engaging problem solver, able to simplify credit and collection issues that most people find burdensome. My real-world examples with practical applications can be tailored to fit anyone at every stage of life. BONA5D Credit Consultants, LLC allows me to walk in my purpose and IMPACT lives; to provide tools to allow each person I am blessed to serve to become a better version of themselves.

Who do you serve? Why?

Though I serve any person, group, or organization that is ready for a mind-shift; ready to put in the necessary work to accomplish the goals that they have set for themselves, the majority of the clients I serve are female.

Tell us about the books you’ve published.

My first book, "BONA5D BITS: WHERE INSPIRATION & INTELLECT COLLIDE WITH YOUR FINANCES" was self-published in 2016. It is a quick easy read, broken down into 5 categories (my E5 Principles), each has 11 pitches with three parts (inspiration-life application of the inspiration-financial application of the inspiration). It is designed to read quickly then reread and reread identifying the reader's favorites.

Then in 2019, a book was written about me, "Pamala McCoy: A Community Shero's Story" was published which speaks mostly of my perpetual volunteerism and its IMPACT.

Most recently, I was a contributing author in "THE TOP 25 CHANGEMAKERS: HOW FLORIDA ENTREPRENEURS THRIVED DURING CHALLENGING TIMES" - my chapter is "Bread is Bread is Bread: Affirmation and ReAffirmation".

All three books can be purchased via

How can people get in touch about your services and programs? Inquire about you as a speaker?

My services can be contacted via and

Why is Credit Counseling a good idea?

Credit Counseling is something that I strongly recommend and BONA5DCC is the first choice to provide what is needed to solidify one's financial well-being.

BONA5DCC Credit Counseling begins with one's desire for change and ends with a mind shift. True change can only occur when one shifts their mind… 'as a man thinketh…' One's thoughts drive what one does.

What is a Debt Management Plan?

A Debt Management Plan is sometimes referred to as a 'budget', but I refer to it as a "Spending Plan". They all mean the same thing relatively speaking, but how one thinks of things affect how one handles things. We all have to spend money; thus a Spending Plan means a plan of how you will spend money strategically. The other two references have a negative, constraining connotation. Thus, if it is thought of in a more positive light, one is more likely to embrace and follow.

Is there anything else you’ll like to share with the readers?

I am grateful that my two companies, BONA5D Credit Consultants, LLC ( and B5 ReAffirm ( allow me to walk in my purpose, which is to pour into the lives of all whom I am blessed to serve with a single goal of IMPACT! meaning that anyone whose path I cross is better in some way because our paths have crossed.

Founder - BONA5D Credit Consultants, LLC and B5 ReAffirm


Thank you, Pamala, for taking time out to chat with us today. Teaching us financial capability education/personal money management and the importance of changing our mindset with it.


Please contact Pamala McCoy, an amazing individual and one I’m proud to know for your credit consultant needs.

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