Live a productive life and continue to be viable members of society through neurocognitive training

Expert Interviews: Dr Joy Vaughan, Veteran and Family Specialist Coach

Tell us a little about Dr Joy Coaching:

Dr. Joy Coaching is a 20-year + transformative journey that was born out of Dr.Joy's very deep dive into the waters of personal development and neuropsychology. Dr. Joy Coaching blends brain and behavior techniques, psychology constructs, and principles of transformation to help people truly break free from what holds them back and to exponentially accomplish what is important to them.

Dr. Joy Coaching enjoys a 95% success rate. Products services are geared for female executives, those looking to transition from the workforce to their next adventure, and veterans who need assistance transitioning from military to civilian life.

All potential coachees are carefully vetted and must be willing to do "the work" to get the results that they are desiring. We provide the tools. We hold each coachee 100% responsible for producing the results that they declared they want. Dr. Joy Coaching only accepts those who are serious about producing the results and the sustainability of those results over time. Coaching offerings include 90-Day Reinvention and Resiliency Bootcamps, Masterclasses, 1-on-1 personal/individualized weekly sessions, and accountability training.

All products and services include a dash of compassion and a dollop of love. We also have corporate Performance and Wellness packages for organizations seeking to increase their bottom line through their empowered employees. A feature that Dr. Joy Coaching will offer in the near future is an all-exclusive Caribbean retreat for high-powered individuals. 

What is your specialty or focus as a coach?  Why?

Specialty - Increasing Emotional Intelligence and behaviors in adults which gives them access to lead themselves and others from a higher level of consciousness.  

Why - Over the years, brain research has slowly begun to enter the mainstream and coaching arena. As a practitioner of neuroeducation and personal development courses, I practiced what I preached and returned to university to pursue my doctorate in brain and behavior studies. My research focused on shifting the context of adult behaviors from the lower to the higher brain which in turn resulted in increased performance, decision making, and leadership in adult learners.  For example, in my work with young college students, I was able to see that how teaching to lead from their higher vs lower brain had them become more responsible and accountable for their success not only in themselves but beyond. My research at Columbia University showed that children when given the right input in the first three years of life can set the stage for their success later on in life.

My work with Veterans as an Occupational Therapist showed that as devastating as war is, these vulnerable individuals could live productive lives and continue to be viable members of society through neurocognitive training.

Finally, my work with people going through divorce highlighted how these individuals could be hijacked by their emotions most often at the expense of their children.  My commitment is to see those I work with design and live a life that they truly can love. 

How do you compare against other counselors?

My background, faith, and life experiences give me a unique and differential advantage over other coaches. I not only talk the talk but walk the walk. 

As a  neuroeducator, who is also trained in transformation and personal development, I am able to clearly hear what is said, and what is not said.

As a coach, I am therefore able to deliver unique solutions to my clients' issues with the profound commitment that they exponentially move through their adversity and fulfill what they have been called to do.

As a survivor of a near-death experience, I am especially sensitive to the fact that time is of the essence.

Wrapped in love and compassion, my clients who commit to doing "the work" exponentially achieve their goals and leave as very satisfied customers.   

One of your specialties is with Veterans.  We are ever so grateful for the selfless act of our Veterans risking their lives every day for this country.  It’s vital that we care for them and help them to adjust back into civilization.  Can you share with us some of the mental challenges veterans experience after returning home and how you work with them?

No one can ever really prepare you for the impact of war on your psyche. My work with veterans is grounded in the principles of neuroplasticity that is where the brain can form new connections no matter your age. Returning veterans often experience an identity crisis. “Who am I now that I am no longer military?” Dr Joy Coaching provides them with the tools:

  • To build the courage to learn about themselves newly
  • To move from one step of life to the next
  • To increase self-confidence 
  • To learn how to better cope with anxiety and depression
  • To achieve a mindset shift towards self-structure and self-regulation
  • To develop a step-by-step life plan that moves them from military to civilian life 
  • To sustain their life plan and success in the civilian world

You also work with divorcees with kids, which is great!  Explain why the focus in this area.

In my 8 years as a co-parenting practitioner, I have discovered that in any marriage things are good until they are not. This is particularly so after children come along. Since I have been in most of these couples' shoes, I usually tell my clients that children are people in small bodies whom you have invited to live in your home. The slippery slope towards divorce happens when one or both partners, among other issues, feels neglected and/or stops communicating.

Our work at F.A.C.E.S (Family and Enrichment Co-parenting Services) focuses on helping court and non-court-ordered couples who are divorcing or separating to co-parent successfully without damaging their children. Most co-parents who come to us are extremely emotionally raw as a result of the acrimony between them. This, coupled with the stress of the divorce/separation process often blinds them to how much they are hurting themselves and their child/ren. Our Psychoeducation curriculum offers these couples tools to help them to put their child/ren first, manage their emotions, moderate their behavior, think flexibly, negotiate their differences, compare successfully, and much, much more.  

You have some great ways to stay connected with your clients, can you share with us the different programs you offer?  

  1. 1-on-1 individual coaching 
  2. Group coaching via our 90-Day Reinvention and Resiliency Bootcamps
  3. Masterclass in Resiliency
  4. Coparenting classes via F.A.C.E.S (Family and Enrichment Coparenting Services)
  5. 10-week Workshops and 4-week mini-courses for Believers on Courage, Faith, and Gratitude via the CFGWorld Institute

All course offerings are online via Zoom or via conference call.

What is the art of Resiliency to you?

The art of being able to take a licking and keep on ticking. In other words the art of developing an agile mindset where you understand your WHY and purpose and passion. Those 3 attributes are what have you bounce back from anything life throws at you because you are crystal clear that there is a bigger calling other than yourself that must be fulfilled in your lifetime. For some, it is their children. Others wish to leave a legacy. The Art of Resiliency is grounded in a powerful practice that is fueled by your belief system that gets expressed via words and actions that clearly demonstrate "I must get through this. I will get through this,"-- and you do. 

Why coaching…why the shift?

Because in a world that is increasingly complex, human beings' ability to cope with life has been compromised. The recent pandemic has seen a surge in mental health issues as individuals attempt to cope with their shattered ideals. It is extremely vital that people develop an agile mindset that allows them to quickly shift their perspective, disrupt unproductive habits and create new neural pathways to ensure their survival and success.

Navigating the rough and sometimes bizarre waters of life requires new skillsets mastery. Coaching, and in particular, Dr. Joy Coaching offers that and more, while celebrating the unique attributes of each individual who enters our programs. We really do love you for who you are and who you are not. 

You’re an author, please tell us about your book?  Where can people get a copy?

The Art of Resiliency is a collection of stories of extraordinary, resilient women who think of themselves as ordinary. From Fiji to Barbados and beyond, the book chronicles the lives of amazing women around the world who know their WHY and purpose which they are passionate about fulfilling.

In 2019, I had the honor and privilege to meet many of these women on my solo journey around the world. Covering 20 countries in two months and meeting these Resilient women warriors has been the highlight of my life to date. I am profoundly grateful to all of them for sharing their stories with me. 

The Art of Resiliency Phoenixes Rising should be out for Christmas 2021 or early 2022.   

What’s next…what’s your vision and plans in the near future?  What projects are you working on?

  • A high-level retreat for female executives and entrepreneurs in the Caribbean.
  • Creating the current workshops as evergreen products.
  • In September and October, I will be speaking at the Influxation Women's Conference in Houston and Chicago respectively.
  • I will continue my work as an Audition Coach with Kingdom Builders Academy as my faith and spirituality are important to me.
  • In addition, I am looking forward to continuing to bring transformation to our female executives, to help them better achieve work, life, balance, my avatars who are aging out of their jobs and do not have a plan, our couples who are divorcing and could benefit from learning how to successfully co-parent.
  • Finally, our veterans are having difficulty adjusting to civilian life.
  • Oh, I forgot to finish my book The Art of Resiliency Phoenixes Rising. 

How can people get in touch with you for Coaching?  Online Training Courses? and Public Speaking?


Phone: 786-209-3318


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.comfeed/ 

For Believers and the Faith-based community:

Website: (Home to the CFGWorld Institute).


For co-parenting classes:

Phone: 954-773-2237



Is there anything else you’ll like to share with the readers?

  1. Don't sit or tolerate fear, procrastination, or the tendency to self-sabotage.
  2. Rise up, find your passion, purpose and commit to living life to the fullest.
  3. Don't stay too long at the fair.
  4. Plan your life in decades and reinvent yourself every 5 years, wise words from my mother.
  5. Contact me if you are feeling stuck and not sure which direction to take your life. Stay encouraged because everything in life is temporary.


Thank you, Dr Joy, for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us about personal development and neuropsychology.

Dr Joy;

Thank you Gracie for everything. Blessings to you and your team.


Please contact Dr Joy, an amazing woman and coach one I’m proud to know. 

Continue to watch out for more interviews, tips, and advice from other experts like Dr Joy.  Stay tuned for more greatness!

Until next time,


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