Expert Interviews: Naketa Thigpen, ThigPro – Balance & Relationship Advisor

“Happiness is an emotion and Joy is an attitude”

Tell us a little more about ThigPro:

ThigPro Balance and Relationship Management Institute is a Global Personal Development Company, based in the Greater Philadelphia Region. We provide Business Success Coaching, Balance & Relationship Management, Leadership Development, Retreats, and Intensives to fast-scaling entrepreneurs and high performing leaders across industries. 

Tell us about the programs of the services you offer.

We have two divisions at ThigPro, for our organizational clients who want to retain their top talent; we offer personal development and leadership development for their managers and high-level leaders. Now that we are in a new era of team building and morale-boosting that doesn't allow for safe in-person experiences, we've shifted those coaching and training options to highly-interactive virtual masterclasses. Our second division, caters to our fast-scaling married women entrepreneurs and their forever-loves, allowing us to work with them as power couples when they are ready. Although we have a few programs that are designed to meet them where they are in their journey, it's our Unbound Brilliance Lab, a whole success incubator that provides the deepest transformation for each participant.

Today we’ve talked about one’s “happiness” and “joy”.  Please explain the fundamentals of them and why it’s important for people to understand the difference.

This is always a tricky area since people use the two words interchangeably. Happiness is an emotion and Joy is an attitude or belief, yet both are experienced as feelings. If there was any major takeaway to this point, I'd tell people to remember that you create your joy, you don't find it.

How does self “happiness” and “joy” impact one’s life if it’s not clear to them?

If it's not clear to you when it's happening, you can't appreciate or be truly grateful for those moments of happiness, then you are most likely not going to create joy, because you do not believe it's possible for you.

We mentioned how this can impact people in their relationships in their careers as much as their personal life.  Can you elaborate on it more for us?

The way you do one thing is the way you do everything right? I don't remember who said that quote originally, but it's especially true for what you create as your reality, your WHOLE reality. If you have healthy, strong relationships at home, that make you feel happy, then you are more able to navigate difficult situations and conversations in the workplace and create if nothing else, healthy boundaries at work that allows you to create joy for yourself (and vice versa).

Do you feel the struggle of self “happiness” and/or “joy” is a deeper underline issue for most….and in some cases just simply not understanding what that is for others?

Trying not to generalize too much here but many people definitely struggle with a sense of personal intimacy with themselves which disrupts their ability to be happy and believe there are capable or even worthy of joy. When you lack this compassion for yourself, it's extremely difficult to truly feel it for others. You may say you do, but it’s typically on a superficial and non-authentic level.

We know that the beginning stages of reversing this mindset are to self-reflect, what are some other steps you recommend to those that are trying to figure it all out?  What about those in denial?  What about those who may not even see what’s happening but know something isn’t right?

Like we spoke about before, the first step is recognition but the second is tethered into the roots of letting go of the emotional attachment that's holding you bound. If you’re in denial of the first step, no one can force you to it but life may lead you to trip into that pothole of recognition and leaving you with a few extra scraps and burns because of it. If you feel there's something going on with you that you can't put your finger on, I always encourage people to stop doing the same thing hoping to get a different result. Seek professional guidance and support. Spiritual counseling, therapy, coaching, mentoring, advising, or all of the above, but start somewhere else besides your own mind.  

We touched on some heavy, yet enlightening, stuff here.  This is information to help people get out of their own way; do you have any additional advice to our viewers?

If you're willing (and) ready to do the work needed to access the freedom, flexibly and confidence that will allow you to thrive in work/life (and LOVE), get on my calendar and let's talk!

How can people find your podcast and/or FB messages for a regular dose of your guidance? 

Great question! Fortunately, we are everywhere podcasts can be found from Apple Podcast, Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio to Alexa, and beyond. But if they are not familiar with any of those apps, they can head straight to

How should people get in touch for your services?

The best way is to connect with me on Linkedin at you can access my direct calendar and get a sense of our work with others right there.

Is there anything else you’ll like to share with the readers?

If you're a fast-scaling married woman entrepreneur who's craving having an amazing love life while growing your 6 & 7 figure business without losing yourself in the process, join us in our private Facebook community for free resources, training, and comradery at


Thank you Naketa for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us about self-joy and happiness, and how it can impact our personal and professional lives.


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