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Expert Interviews: Donna Walter, Skincare by Donna

Tell us a little about Skincare by Donna:

My studio is a respite for women to take a break from the outside world and get a little pampering. I use a holistic approach to helping you take care of your mind, body, and skin with non-toxic ingredients. I love helping women (and men) look and feel their best, reduce stress and prevent unhealthy aging from the outside in and inside out.

What makes your salon unique? 

My studio is in my home which is very private, clean, and serene. I use non-toxic products from Arbonne and Zoya and help you achieve your skin goals by an in-depth consultation about your lifestyle, diet, and exercise, not just the products you are using. We focus on the whole body to improve your gut, which in turn will improve your skin. My clients love the fact my studio has no other clients here during their time, so I am able to give them my complete attention and great customer service.

What services do you offer?

I offer facials, backcials, mani/pedi, waxing, electrolysis, makeup, and lash/brow tinting as well as health coaching.

What are some of the most popular (or your favorite) services?  Why?

Facials are not only relaxing for my clients but for me as well. I love helping women just float away for an hour. Plus it's nice to hear the next day how their skin feels and looks amazing. Electrolysis is also one of my favorites, cause so many women suffer from excessive or unwanted hair, and when you start to notice it disappear it's a win for both of us. It makes me happy that I am making a positive difference in how someone feels about themselves and I can help them gain their confidence back.

Tell us about your background and what lead you to own a skincare salon?

I've had many careers since college. When I lost my job as a meeting planner in the pharmaceutical industry, I wanted to try something different; something I could eventually do part-time as a mom if I ever had kids. My aunt was an esthetician and it always seemed like a fun job and my best friend's mom was an electrologist, who was a single parent and worked out of her home while raising her kids and putting them thru college. So I decided to go back to school for skincare, nails, and electrolysis. 30 years later I've been in the same industry and have worked for numerous salons, spas, managed a medi spa, and assisted a dermatologist. 

About 4 years ago after being part of the Arbonne family, I was able to quit my job working for someone else and that's when I decided to open up my studio and work for myself. About 2 1/2 years ago, I decided to get certified as a health coach to further help my clients, not just with their skin but their overall wellness. You see, I had been suffering from migraines since I was 21, had my gallbladder removed, and had thyroid cancer. I didn't have much success with doctors as to why I had all these issues until I finally went to a functional doctor and they figured out I had a few intolerances to foods, such as gluten, dairy,  and soy and I am allergic to chicken eggs.

Of course, was frustrated and limited on what to eat, especially for breakfast, and spent hundreds of dollars on supplements and protein powders from this function drive until Arbonne came out with nutritional products and their 30 Days to Healthy Living program. I had such great results, felt so much better, and learned so much about wellness, and wanted to learn more so I got certified as a health coach.

Can you tell us more about the products you use? Why did you choose those products?

I use Arbonne products for my skincare and nail clients and Zoya nail polish. Arbonne is a botanical health and wellness company that has been around for over 40 years. They offer vegan products for everyone in the family from skincare, nutrition, personal care products, and cosmetics. My philosophy is to use safe ingredients not just in your body but on your body. What we put on our skin goes straight into our bloodstream, then into our organs, and can cause all kinds of health issues. I want to ensure that my clients use non-toxic ingredients and Arbonne bans over 2000 harsh chemicals. Zoya polish does not include the 10 harmful ingredients that are in most nail polish.

What are some of the best sellers and how can people purchase them?

Most of my clients purchase the skincare regimen I recommend depending on their needs. I customize a skin care plan or a specific product. Arbonne's 30 Days to Healthy Living Program is probably one of the most popular items because it helps to reset the body and teach you what foods that are beneficial and what foods don't serve you. The program helps to eliminate the toxins in your gut, which will help organs including your skin, which is your largest organ to work optimally. You can purchase the products online at

I'd be happy to recommend items specifically for you.

What are the Covid-19 safety precautions for your beauty salon?

I've always been a clean freak prior to Covid. I am fully vaccinated now, wear gloves, and a mask and clean all surfaces, and sanitize before and after every client. I also have taken the Sanitation and Reputation Management training thru both the Barbacide and Rejuvenate companies.

What is Backcial?

A backcial is simply a facial for the back. It entails cleansing, exfoliating, massage, and mask. It is great for both men and women, especially if they don't like getting a full body massage or are having acne on their back.

Your blog, called "Skin Sense" shares health & skin tips and recipes.  If there was one (1) thing you could share with us today, what would it be?

Sleep! ...Sleep is so essential for staying healthy. It is required for us to function optimally during the day; helps our bodies destress and helps regulate our hormones. During sleep, our bodies heal. We need to get 7 - 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, in a dark room. When our sleep is interrupted it affects our circadian rhythm which affects our hormones.

What’s the best way for people to book for your programs?

Feel free to reach out to me at 484-354-0388

Check out my website for all my services and promotions. and for products.

You give back to the community with your services, can you share with us what you’re doing?

I love supporting local charities in my community as well as my church. If I can't volunteer my time, I donate quite often gift certificates and gift baskets. I also work at a retirement home's salon one day a week and pamper some of the residents there with manicures, pedicures, and waxing. I have been there for about 11 years and it's so rewarding. I love hearing their stories and being able to make them feel a little special.

Is there anything else you’ll like to share with the readers?

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch this interview. I hope to pamper you all one day or help you with your wellness journey.


Thank you, Donna, for taking time out of your schedule to chat with us about internal health in relation to proper skincare.  I can say we’re all ready for the summer with these amazing tips.  Natural beauty goes a long way for a long and healthy life!


Thank you so much for having me! I Look forward to pampering you!


Please contact Donna Walter, an amazing and talented woman for your beauty and health needs today!   

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