Call Us: 1-215-376-5758 sales@opulenteventsbygracie.com


Call us at 1-215-376-5758 or Email us at sales@opulenteventsbygracie.com

Opulent Events by Gracie is a full service event management company based in Philadelphia.

The dedicated staff

at Opulent Events by Gracie

has proven to be both passionate and extremely successful in fundraising efforts
for the various philanthropic causes of our clients.

In fact, after being hired recently to strategize an organization’s fundraising plan,
we were able to increase the amount raised by 77% from the previous year.

Fundraising requests are a necessity

for the survival of many organizations and causes, such as:

  • Performance and visual arts
  • Religious affiliations
  • Disease cures, treatments, & research
  • Political campaigns
  • Aiding individuals & families going through personal crisis
  • Charitable foundations and endowments
  • Educational institutions and scholarships
  • Charities & nonprofit organizations
  • Entrepreneur startup funds
  • Global warming solutions & other environmental research
  • Assistance to victims of crime & natural disasters

There are many approaches to fundraising, and often our clients do not have the time or experience to strategize a comprehensive plan. Whether it’s a one-off event or a combination of multiple events, we work closely with our clients to develop an optimal long-term approach that will successfully meet your fundraising goals. Some of our approaches include the full-service management of:

Gala or Marquee Annual Events


Live & silent auctions

Chef’s table & other culinary events

Golf Tournament & other sporting events

Concerts & art exhibits

Fun competitions (sport & non-sport)

Many organizations rely on good-hearted volunteer committees to strategize and execute fundraising events on their own; however, they often lack event management experience, and underestimate the amount of time and human resources it takes to host a successful campaign. We eliminate these concerns by planning either a one-off event or a long-term fundraising plan that includes choosing the appropriate platform, marketing the event, managing registration, and professionally executing the overall recommended plan. And in the end, the formulated budget that we help you create and manage will offset the cost of hiring our professional services, plus increase the total net gain in the amount of funds raised.

Contact Opulent Events by Gracie so we can provide an effective solution to your fundraising needs that will increase awareness and credibility to your cause, save a tremendous amount of stress and time for your volunteers, and increase funds raised; often exponentially!

Call us at 1-215-376-5758 or Email us at sales@opulenteventsbygracie.com

So if you are looking for the perfectly organized event, the time is now.