Facing Challenges Meant Facing My Own Fears, Pushing Forward or Getting Out of My Comfort Zone

Expert Interviews: Ramona Pintea, Gallary-Own Artist and Fashion Designer

What makes your crafted art so unique?

I think every artist is unique because of who he or she is, the life experiences they had, the books they read, the lessons they learned. I make art because I have something to say and the best way I know how to say it is through color.

You have a "colorful" and artful background (Fashion, Interior Design, and Painting) in which you have not just ventured or invested into these areas but succeed very well with them all… even won awards in some.  Can you share your story with us and how you finally came to becoming a gallery-own artist? 

Of course. I grew up in Romania during the hard communist times. Even as a child I hated the grey around me, there was no color. All books, TV, magazines, even the school books were black and white. Every business was state-owned so there was no need for advertising so no bright colors anywhere. For shortage of hot water or maybe washing machines, most people would wear grey, navy or black clothes. I lived for a couple of years with my grandparents in the countryside where nature provides rich, vibrant colors. Moving back to the city with my mom, I hated the grey around me. When I was about 12 years old I saw a book about Michelangelo.  I vowed to myself that if I ever get a chance I'll leave Romania and never come back.  I got that chance when I was 18 and communism fell. I moved to London all by myself. That's when I discovered painting, it was absolutely amazing. However, growing up with the starving artist mentality I was too scared to follow a career in art so I chose fashion design instead, thinking that worst-case scenario I can get a job as a dressmaker.

Before fully committing to your passion for art, one of your stops in life took you in the direction of fashion!...and you became quite successful. Can you share more about that journey? How can people find your label?

Well, I didn't become a dressmaker, instead, at age 25 together with my best friend Janice, we opened our own label Monice (Ramona + Janice). We started with nothing, going door to door to little boutiques selling our collection. Every week we would travel for 2-3 days all over the UK, stopping in various cities or towns, going to the High Street, and finding independent boutiques. This was in the '90s, with no internet searches, no Google maps. Just find your way on a paper map, walk-in, and sell our clothes. As we grew, we started booking trade shows and in 6 years we were selling to around 300 independent boutiques all across the country. We were young, full of energy and passion. We worked REALLY hard, going 12-14 hour days but we were also young women in London having a lot of fun and growing our business.

We love how serene you are as a person, a professional businesswoman, and leader, what would you say contributes to you always offering your best self consistently?

I think my 'secret' is that I always did what I love. Every business venture was done with pure passion and joy. Working hard to me means having fun, growing, learning, expanding.

What are some of the greatest challenges you’ve experienced as a professional/career woman?  How did you overcome those challenges and managed to rise above them?

I think most of the challenges I faced were in my head. What I mean is that the battle is always with yourself. The outside world provides you with circumstances how you deal with them is the real challenge. You have a problem, so what are you going to do? Blame someone else? Moan about it? Get depressed? Feel like a victim? For me, facing those challenges meant facing my own fears, pushing forward, or getting out of my comfort zone.

You have several collections with their own unique style; Urban Queen, Abstracts, She Knows, and Quest.  We’ve heard through your video the magnificent story behind how Urban Queen and She knows were formed.  Can you tell us how “Quest” was created?

Of course. Quest is where it all started. Quest was the first series followed by 'She Knows' and then by 'Urban Queen'. In 2015 I had a personal experience that brought me down to my knees. I've always been positive and found the silver lining in everything but this time the exterior circumstances were causing me pain and suffering. So I started asking existential questions. The same questions that people have asked for thousands of years. Why am I here? Is there a God? Why me? Is there a reason, a higher-order? Do I have a purpose? What is my purpose?. The paintings depict nude women looking outwards, asking an outside force bigger than themselves for answers. When we are nude we are most vulnerable and I was at a very vulnerable point. Then one day I felt the urge to attach angel wings to my nudes. It was as if I understood that our own divinity is with us all the time. The first painting was called 'Growing my Wings', it was the beginning of the healing process.  Then the idea transitioned into the She Knows series when I started realizing more and more that all we need is within us, that we don't have to look for answers outside of ourselves. All the tigers and lionesses reside inside of us and we have access to them whenever we want. Urban Queen is going a step forward, she is owning that knowledge and she is not afraid to tell everyone about it. She is wearing her crown with pride and showing it off.

You offer commission art...yay!...can you explain how this works for those that may want a unique piece of art in their home, from you?

Sure, people contact me all the time because they love a piece of art but it's sold or they like the style and give me complete freedom on what to do. We talk about the size that best fits their home, the color palette they prefer and I create a completely customized piece for them.

Is there anything else we can expect from you in the near future…or do you plan to live life one day at a time, for now?

My inspiration often comes both from external events and how I process them in my internal world, so I respond to whatever is happening in the world right now. I am passionate about empowering people through my art.  My purpose to touch someone's life through my art. If I can make one person feel better about themselves, uplift them in any way, encourage them to believe that tomorrow can be a better day then I'm happy.  I used to be happiest when I was creating the painting. Now I'm happiest when I get that message from people telling me what that painting means to them, how it makes them feel

Where can people find your art in-person or on-line?

In 2020 I switched from exhibiting my art to showing it online, for obvious reasons. I found this to be extremely powerful. I can reach a lot more people this way and I can be way more productive. So I'll keep it online for a while. FB, IG, and my website are the main channels where you can find me.

Website: www.ramonapintea.com

Facebook: @ramonapinteaartist

Instagram: @ramonapintea_art

Is there any advice you want to offer to other professional and career-driven women?

Yes. Work on yourself as much as you work on your business. Acquiring business skills and qualifications is not enough to be successful. Mastering your own mind and emotions, constantly learning and evolving is the magic ingredient.


Thank you Ramona for taking time out to chat with us; learning the power of color and passion for artistry you have.  I’m sure your story will be as inspiring to many as it was for me.  

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With Ramona’s passion for art, she makes her pieces very affordable and easy for all to buy.  Please visit her site and see how you can add beauty and color to your home with a piece of Ramona artistry. www.ramonapintea.com/shop/   

Ramona, it’s been an absolute pleasure having you and I look forward to my very own commission art from you soon!

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