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Expert Interviews: Denise Ledi, Executive Leadership Coach

Tell us a little about Denise Ledi Coaching & Consulting:

Sure! I'm an Empowerment & Executive Leadership Coach based in Edmonton, Alberta Canada serving clients across North America.   When I launched Ledi Coaching & Consulting last summer,  I fully appreciated that the biggest myth in life is that we have all the time in the world.  Thank you COVID pandemic! As such, my dream to start my own business once I retired from my career in mental health moved to the present.  I've known for quite some time that coaching other leaders would be that business after my own experiences working with an executive coach.  I’m focused on sharing my experiences & perspectives to help others find empowerment so that they can access their whole potential and make an extraordinary impact on the world! I help leaders break through their current crisis to achieve the results that support their personal and professional goals and live a life they truly love by walking alongside them… to empower them to reach for and meet their goals…to help them live a life without regrets.

What makes you unique? 

My story for one.  My parents were new immigrants (Jamaica & Ghana) to Canada by way of the UK, however, my mother died when I was age 8.  A devastating loss without words, however? I learned a valuable life lesson very early and it’s this: when you have the right people around you? You can move through ANYTHING and soar to your greatest heights.  I spent 20+ years working in Addiction & Mental Health, Forensic Psychiatry, and Correctional Health Care, from student to senior leader.   I couple all of this with my expertise as a certified executive trained coach and Master’s trained Criminologist for an innovative, integrative & unique perspective to help others.

What are the services you offer?

1:1 sessions and group coaching

Tell us about your background and what lead you to executive coaching?

How I got here starts with this question:  Have you ever had professional success yet wanted more? Feeling stuck & quietly dissatisfied, but not really knowing why? Upon first glance, you seem fine on the outside, but in reality? You're silently screaming each and every day...thinking, is this it?  THAT was me!  I started my career in my early 20s as a University student who had pivoted from preparing for a career in criminal law to forensic mental health. I spent over 20 years doing the grind and climbing that ladder in high-stress environments and positions & managing teams. I worked "hard" to build up my career, but the higher I climbed the more unfulfilled and unhappy I became internally. My solution at the time was to dive into leadership and personal growth books, attended conferences, workshops, anything I could think of to help me move forward.....I worked harder than ever before, earned a solid 6 figure income and the respect of my colleagues yet I was STILL dissatisfied! I knew I could lead myself and others differently regardless of the struggles I was experiencing. I knew this came down to a matter of choice: choose to remain where I was, or choose something different for myself. I dug deep, and I chose me & invested in myself.  I hired my own Executive Leadership Coach and have never looked back. Working with a coach changed me. I knew I had a lot to give, but I just didn't know how to get there.

How do you relate your background in Mental Health, Forensics, and Corrections Healthcare to your plans as an Executive Coach or do you?

I know firsthand how complex and challenging it can be to lead in ever-changing environments. I know the struggles that go with leading people, balancing competing priorities, and all that goes with it. That's universal and the norm. So in many respects, I bring the coaching culture & approach with me.  I gave my managers support and guidance rather than instructions; stretch and challenge their thinking and intentionally engage in development conversations.  I do the same with my clients to unleash fresh energy, ideas, perspectives, and more. 

Why coaching…why the shift?

I've always known that I wanted to help/walk alongside others their hour /time of need…….to be their anchor, support, and more…pushing them forward… that they can go on to live their purpose, and as the best version of themselves. I pivoted from studying for a career in criminal law when I realized my idealistic views of the law didn't align with this vision. When I moved into the mental health field, I loved working with patients/clients, but also, with my colleagues. From day one I was always an informal leader & coach. So to move to where I am now has been a natural evolution and growth process.

What are some of the hot spots you see executives struggling with the most from your experience?  Prior to Covid-19 and the present?

With the clients I work with, it's things like a lack of confidence, self-doubt, feeling inadequate--any combination or version of this; but more so for women.  Not living up to the standards they set for themselves and letting their teams/bosses down; which really boils down to a fear of failure. Feeling unfulfilled and not knowing why or how to move past this.  I'd also add communication (giving and receiving the same) and maintaining a work/life balance.  During COVID, these things were exacerbated, especially at the beginning of the pandemic.  Leaders were bombarded with questions in the face of unprecedented uncertainty.  Dealing with inconsistent and or untimely messaging from above to below, therefore, feeling behind the eight-ball and feeling responsible.  Transitioning to predominately video formats; remote/ work from home; and remaining connected, engaged, and effective; maintaining positive morale. Many were burning out trying to be everything for everyone; doing and doing and putting up a brave front when they too were struggling with the same feelings and emotions. It's been a huge learning for everyone.

What’s next…what’s your vision and plans in the near future?  What projects are you working on?

Helping more people! I've been lucky enough to be the guest on a few different podcasts, and am now a contributing guest author to Brainz Magazine! I hope to do more things like this as another format to use my voice and influence change.

How can people get in touch with you?

Website -

Email -

LinkedIn -

Is there anything else you’ll like to share with the readers?

I encourage you to embrace your why and go for whatever it is you want in life! It's all there for you. Leave room for no regrets, especially for not living a life with greater meaning.  You have everything in you; you need to achieve what this may be for you. When there is fulfillment and meaning to what we do? Success just flows. It’s in us and all around us.


Thank you, Denise, for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us about leadership, how we can be our best selves, and the leaders our team deserves. 

Please contact Denise Ledi, an amazing individual and one I’m proud to know.  Continue to watch out for more interviews, tips, and advice from other experts like Denise.  Stay tuned for more greatness!

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