Expert Interviews: Lisa Pachence, LP Coaching

“What companies are clamoring for is more transparency, authenticity, communication, equity, and nurturing environments.”

Tell us a little about LP Coaching and your specialty:

Thanks Gracie! LP Coaching is an Executive and Career Coaching company, helping Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs get to a 7-Figure CEO Life with half the struggle and twice the joy. As founder and head coach, it’s my mission to transform burned out, high-achieving women into beacons of power, possibility, and purpose.       

What’s unique about your services?

In an era where Life and Leadership Coaches are a dime a dozen, I specialize in masterful, transformative mindset work coupled with action and accountability, with the results being a 96% success rate with my clients. Having been a successful but exhausted corporate director, I understand the pain of burning yourself out for someone else’s plan. I also know the immense satisfaction in finding inner clarity and harnessing your passions for your own dreams. What continues to set my service apart is the relentless pursuit of mastery, diverse tools, resources, programs, and skillsets that help any client achieve success and satisfaction in working with me. In addition to owning LP Coaching, I’m also an Adjunct Facilitator at Accomplishment Coaching (“the world’s finest coach-training program"), where I lead, coach, and train Leadership Coaches to master their craft and launch successful businesses.

What are some of the unique programs you offer? 

All my services are unique! 😀 But if you’d like to know more, I offer 3 types of services: private 1:1 Coaching, small group coaching for women entrepreneurs, and Corporate Leadership and Team Engagement programs. I’m known for my women’s entrepreneur group, called “The Elite Entrepreneur”. This is a 6-month engagement for female business owners who crave clarity, action, and results with a side of community. 

Why professional women and female business owners?

Because I am one! But also, women are still an underutilized, underpaid, under-supported group of under-tapped power. The Dalai Lama quoted in 2010, “The World will be saved by the Modern Women.” Meaning, major world issues like poverty, inequality, war, and mental health are best solved by a balance of masculine and feminine, compassion and logic, heart, and power. If you’re tapped into the trending topics in Leadership across corporate America, what companies are clamoring for is more transparency, authenticity, communication, equity, and nurturing environments. All qualities that feminine leadership has naturally.

Since the pandemic, you’ve done some extra activities to help keep people active and motivated.  What were some of those activities?  How can people get involve?

We all need extra support right now. In fact, our mental and emotional health should be our first priority and if it's not, please reach out and schedule time together! I'm providing FREE discovery and direction sessions over the summer (a $300 value), and you can sign up with me here:

Additionally, I run a Facebook group called Coaches Creating CommUNITY, with weekly challenges, shared resources, and FREE monthly webinars on leadership, entrepreneurship, coaching, and change. Join here:

Additionally, here are 5 easy ways to reduce stress:

1) Daily movement outside of the house

2) Making your bed every morning

3) Laughing and smiling

4) Have phone dates with friends (EXTRA CREDIT: have a walking phone date with a friend!)

5) Make sure to turn off Netflix and feed your brain “good stuff”, like personal development books, podcasts, journaling, and meditation.

You cover three areas; Executive Life Coach (management), Career Consultant (professional or business owners), and Mentor Coach (employee).  People are responding to the pandemic in ways they may feel are justified “from their perspective”.  What advice would you offer to people who may fall into one of these categories?  (Please offer advice for each one)

If you’re an executive, the most important thing to remember right now is to bring your authenticity and your courage to face tough conversations. Data shows that vulnerability builds trust and communication, which translates to increased sense of community and heightened productivity. If you’re in the market for a new job, make sure you are working your network! While some companies are downsizing, other companies are hiring. Seek out the companies who are hiring and make sure you’re speaking with the “connectors” and networkers in your community to get your foot in the door. If you’re a fellow coach, don’t stop and make sure you’re getting coached yourself! Many coaches have seen an uptick in clients because of the higher urgency for flexibility, creativity, and reducing stress. Seek out support from a successful coach and get their advice on how to tap into new markets.

What are you doing for yourself to offer “your best self” to your clients during this crisis?

That is an excellent question, Gracie! I’m a firm believer in us, business owners, doing our own work first. Meaning, being the model of self-care, growth, and mindfulness that we want to see in our team. I’ve been impacted by the quarantine just as much as everyone else, especially being an extrovert. Consequently, I’ve increased the time I spend on self-care and rejuvenation, making sure that I hold my workouts and quiet times as sacred and ensuring my boundaries aren’t compromised. As an extrovert, I’ve also scheduled at least 3 zoom or phone dates each week with friends, making sure to touch base with a loved one at least once a day. Maintaining my treasured relationships are a top priority for me, always.

How can people get in touch with you for services and information on your programs?

You can visit me at or connect with me on LinkedIn:

Is there anything else you’ll like to share with the readers?

Please be loving and kind to yourselves and others during this time. Give yourself permission to partner, and most importantly, permission to PLAY. Don’t forget to find joy and love in the little moments.


Thank you, Lisa, for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us about your expertise on navigating one’s self through a time of crisis, I’m sure this will be very beneficial to our readers.  I can also vouch for the things you shared today, as I know you have a standing routine with our own circle of friends (and me!) in checking in and having virtual get to gathers for fun.


Thank you, Gracie! It’s been a pleasure.


Continue to watch out for more interviews, tips, and advice from amazing experts like Lisa Pachence.   

Lisa, as usual, it’s been a pleasure! We look forward to having you return as a guest in the future.

Until next time,


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