Expert Interviews: Brian Marcus, Clubs & Hospitality Specialist at Global Hospitality

“Adjust, pick back up and become stronger than before”

Tell us a little about Global Hospitality and your specialty:

We are executive recruiters that focus solely on the Hospitality Industry.  We do searches all over the world for General Managers, Chefs, Food & Beverages Directors, Sales, Finance, and other mid to senior-level positions.  We really focus on changing people’s lives and helping them achieve their professional goals.  I LOVE what I do!

What’s unique about your services?

We all come from the industry.  The owner is a Cornell grad, worked in F&B for decades before becoming a recruiter.  Likewise, I have 30 years of domestic and international hotel, resorts, private club, and restaurant experience.  When someone wants us to find a chef, we really understand what that is and what it requires.  In addition, what is unique about us is that we truly care.  We care about our clients and our candidates. 

What are you seeing the most, right now, jobs or candidates?

For the first few months since COVID19 it was exclusively candidates however we are now just starting to receive new inquiries and clients.  It is great and shows that things are ready to move again…with care and caution. 

With the pandemic, so many are concern and worry about the operations of their business.  How is it that you are still actively working during the COVID19?

I have taken this time to REALLY connect and re-connect with hundreds of candidates.  It has been fantastic as I normally don’t have the luxury of time.  In my industry, candidates mean everything to me.  I have been working with candidates on resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and coaching to help them get through this time and more importantly be ready when jobs start coming back.  We really did a big pivot to keep ourselves relevant during this period.

Would you say COVID19 has been the most damaging impact of all times to your industry or have you seen worst times? When?

This is a tough one since there have been so many times that our industry has been affected.  The recession, post 9-11, and other world geopolitical events have shaken the hospitality industry.  The great thing about a crisis like this is that it gives the industry time to adjust, pick back up and become stronger than before.  Can you ever imagine a time that Vegas would go dark?  Now casinos are being forced to do even better, reach higher, and re-invent themselves…if done right this can be a great thing!

Where do you see Tourism Development going from here?

I think more staycations and local travel will be on the upswing while international and long-distance will take longer for people to feel comfortable with.  I just saw an article that RV sales are through the roof…which makes sense.  In general, people won’t be running to airports or cruises anytime soon if they can avoid it.  The industry will really have a lot of work to do to convince customers that it is safe to travel again.

Which one do you think will bounce back the quickest…hotels or private clubs?  Why?

Clubs will bounce back much quicker than hotels.  Clubs are more like an extension to the Member's homes, more frequented and they pay into their club.  Most Clubs remained partially opened during the pandemic; they kept their staff paid (for the most part) and have the infrastructure for quick recovery and re-opening.  Hotels rely on group business which is all but dead for the next several months or longer.

Many people have been furlough, laid-off, and hours reduced what is the best course of action for people who simply don’t know what their next steps are?

Unfortunately there is no quick or magic cure for this.  I would recommend that their resumes and LinkedIn profiles are perfect.  I have been advising several of my candidates to do on-line education to expand their horizons and it helps in making them more marketable for jobs.  I had a restaurant manager that took this time to learn more about the rooms division through on-line learning.  This is a great step!

What about the managers and business owners, how should they determine their next steps?

These positions will have to be re-filled.  Managers and organizations have this time to look at the best way to do that.  It will all come down to the needs of the operation and the revenue coming in.  The hospitality business will always need great managers and leadership to run the business.  Just be thoughtful and resourceful and always try to do what is right.

Is there anything else you’ll like to share with the readers?

It has been an interesting time, to say the least.  This has forced everyone to think differently, act differently and in the end, will operate differently.  If you look at this from a positive view, it gave us all time to strategize, focus on the "cream that rose to the top" and figure out how to build a better mousetrap.  I was talking to a Corporate HR Director and she said that during this time, the managers that she thought would excel didn’t and that others did.  It gave her a completely different perspective on her team…which was a good thing.  Use this time to get a new perspective on your career, operation, or company.


Thank you, Brian, for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us about your expertise in the hospitality and private club space, I’m sure this will be beneficial to our readers.  

As Brian stated this would be a great time to expand your education.  Harvard is offering FREE on-line courses, get certified, or a degree in “something” from an accredited school…like Harvard!

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Brian, as usual, it’s been a pleasure!

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