How can we help your business?

Yes, it's a difficult time. "Business as usual" has been interrupted, projects put on hold, events delayed. We understand just how frustrating, nerve-wracking and overwhelming it is to plan the next steps for your company with everything that's going on.

That's why we want to check-in, and see if you're OK.

The concern you have for your company's livelihood is reasonable at any time, but even more so right now. You had events planned that were to be monumental in terms of networking and growth for your company. You invited your most important clients, your biggest potential donors. But you've had to cancel or postpone those events.

If you feel like you could use a little help, an extra pair of shoulders to ease the emotional load and determine how to proceed, we can help.

Don't hesitate to get in touch for support

We're here for you

At Opulent Events by Gracie, we partner with our clients, and our event planning services cover everything from conferences to conventions, concerts to formal parties. We're used to coping with disruptions and changes, managing crises daily, so if you need to consult over how to handle your event, we can help.

We can consult with you on the best ways to move forward, or if you want us to take over completely, we can manage postponements, cancellations and reorganizing so you can put your focus where it's most needed right now.

As you will be finding with your clients during the coronavirus, now is a time for flexibility, for thinking outside the box and reacting to situations as they develop. It's something that we have become expert in thanks to our event planning services, so we're here in whatever capacity you need us. We're entirely flexible and adaptable and will provide the exact kind of support that you need, when and where you need it most.

What's more, our team of industry experts can handle turbulent times with delicacy and professionalism, planning events that both answer to the moment and shine a hopeful light on the future. What we're most proud of is our ability to adapt quickly to any situation, and change course when necessary without compromising event quality, and without having any negative impact on our clients.

Keep your event commitments

We can help you pick right back up where you were when things seemingly ground to a halt. We'll get the gears of your company events turning again, and bring them to fruition, whether that means now, digitally, or by preparing for them to happen as soon as things go back to normal. We can plan new events in the meantime so that you're ready to jump into action when the time comes.

If you've had to postpone your event just say the word, and we'll get on the phone right now, talking to our suppliers and coordinating with the necessary parties. We have an entire network of professionals standing by to help and support you during this time and beyond. 

It's why we've been sending out our regular newsletters, to touch base with you and check you are OK, as well as offering actionable advice on how you can advance with your events. Now more than ever, it is essential to build those business connections to prepare for the future of your company once the coronavirus has been brought under control.

Take your event virtual

Canceling or postponing an event doesn't just come with costs; it is also labor-intensive at a time when you perhaps have a reduction in staff or need them to focus on other areas.

One way we can add value is to help you take your event virtual. It is a way to maintain those industry contacts, keep business as usual as far as possible and still provide a high level of interactivity and engagement. We work with the best platforms when it comes to virtual event planning services, and they truly are an impressive alternative to in-person events, with options for keynote speakers, break-out areas, networking, and even courses and training sessions.

How to move forward

As you ask yourself that endless round of questions about when lockdowns will end, how things will change and how to take your business forward, let us help. By outsourcing, you can immediately banish all the anxiety caused by having to plan an event during a crisis—let us handle everything. We are an expert event management company with years of experience making events a success no matter what the circumstances.

And what if you're a business that regularly hosts events, such as a country club, or a hotel? You need to make sure that you have special events lined up and ready to go for when this is over. Consider additional services to those events so that you can distinguish your company from your competitors. Think VIP driving experiences, chartered jets or yachts, exotic trips or personal concierge services. Beyond our event planning services, we can also offer VIP travel and concierge services, which can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Together we can

Yes, these are unprecedented circumstances, but the world keeps turning, life continues, and with the right event planning services support, your business can pick up right where it left off and continue to grow. The key is knowing who you can count on to take things over while you focus on your core business. And most importantly, remembering to stay positive, because better times are ahead.