How are you doing?

We wanted to touch base and see how you’re holding up, how business is going, and whether we can help with anything as you navigate the ‘new normal’.

Has anyone stopped to ask how you are? We’ve all been so busy rushing around at work, fighting fires, and keeping our businesses going in some of the most challenging times we’ve ever experienced. So we just wanted to check and see how you’re holding up?

We know so many businesses are still struggling with the fallout from Covid-19. And we know that as a dedicated professional you are working as hard as you can to adapt, pivot, and come out of this strong, so we wanted to see if we can help in any way?

We know from experience that this situation has brought many frustrations, and sometimes you may want to scream. Last-minute changes to plans can affect company morale and add undue stress to your life. As an event management company, we’re all too used to those unexpected challenges, it just comes with the territory for us!

You may be frantically trying to cancel or rearrange events, perhaps postponing your annual general meeting (AGM) until next year. Whatever it is, we understand that this is frustrating, and most likely the last thing you want to deal with right now. A lot goes into canceling or reorganizing an event, from contacting all delegates and vendors involved to claiming insurance and informing guests of the sudden change.

Whether you need a hand with any of these components or just a bit of advice, Opulent Events by Gracie is here to help. Please feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call. Our event planners are happy to provide the guidance you need, even if it’s just a quick bit of advice to help you manage the situation. We need to work together in these uncertain times, which is why we are happy to be a sounding board for you.

We also have a few ideas to help you navigate the next few months and even the next year or two when it comes to your corporate events. Here we’ll outline the virtual event services that can provide some relief during this time and some other top tips so you can make sure you are still driving your company forward, enhancing those networking opportunities and building your successful post-Covid future.

The power of virtual events

Have you ever considered virtual event services? Planning a virtual event means you can go ahead with events you’ve already got on the calendar with minimal reorganization. These virtual event services allow you to promote your company or cause, use the speakers you've already booked, and attract interest from delegates. And the best part about virtual event services? They cost a lot less than your original plans. With no catering, minimal decor, and fewer vendors, you’ll save your company money while introducing a fun new way to network.

Of course, virtual event services do still take time and energy to organize, but Opulent Events by Gracie can take all the stress out of the process. We're experts in all sorts of events, and we’ve staged numerous virtual events with fantastic success, even before the pandemic. 

Our virtual event services work just like your usual in-person plans. They have a reception, the chance to network, a main stage, break-out areas, and even an exhibition space. Our virtual event planners use a platform that acts as a digital venue and fosters connection despite the distance. Your team will be able to interact, get involved with hands-on sessions, meet one-on-one, and more. No matter your vision for your event, our virtual event planners can bring it to life in a digital setting.

The benefits of planning ahead

If you're thinking of postponing an upcoming event, keep in mind that time flies, even when we’re at a standstill. It can take up to a year to pull great plans together, so it's worth getting a head start to avoid issues later on.

After all the ups and downs of this year, you deserve a great event. Let us help make sure it's spectacular no matter how far out the date is. Here are a few reasons to consider booking an event a year or more in advance:

  • We want the economy to get back on track and thrive as companies once again. It is essential to keep networking, building our brands, and reaching out to potential new customers. Planning an exciting event a year or two in advance can ensure you're set up for success.
  • People are already rescheduling or planning events for 2021 and 2022. Events always take months of planning, even under normal circumstances. Most events from this year will be carried over to next year, so your perfect event may need additional time to come to life. We recommend starting at least 12 months in advance to ensure venues, photographers, planners, and other vendors are available for your desired date.
  • Now is a great time to plan your next event. Your plans could work out to be a fraction of the price since venues and vendors are eager for bookings. Many events-related businesses are also looking to dive back into their work. They may offer discounted rates or added value options that could help you pull off your ideal event.

How Opulent Events by Gracie can help

Opulent Events by Gracie is an event planning company with expertise in all types of events, from corporate gatherings and weddings to virtual event services. We help you at every stage of the process, from planning and marketing all the way to design and styling. We've also navigated all types of event planning challenges and are well-versed in everything from events insurance to securing the best deals with venues and services. Our virtual event planners are eager to help you pull off a digital event or get ahead on your future in-person events. 

The current situation presents new frustrations. But the best thing we can do for our companies, industries, and the economy in general, is find new ways to recover and thrive.

Despite the uncertainty, events hold more power than ever to connect us and bring new energy to our businesses. Together we'll prove uncertain times can still produce exciting, memorable events.