Yes! We can still make your event happen

In the world of event planning, we professionals are all too familiar with working around the inevitable curveball life throws our way. With an evolving issue like the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be worried about that fantastic event you had planned. Whether you've had to postpone or cancel due to this situation, or you're now running behind on planning, it is still possible to make sure your event stays on track.

We all know that face-to-face meetings and conferences are a crucial part of any business. They bring your brand to life, get your vision in front of new eyes, and create unbeatable networking opportunities for your team. Despite the uncertain times, we can provide the tools you need to take advantage of these benefits and pull off the event of your dreams!

What can be done?
The event management experts at Opulent Events by Gracie have weathered all sorts of global crises. We've navigated natural disasters, travel bans, and economic hurdles such as the coronavirus, and we still manage to pull off memorable events. 

This situation isn't the first obstacle we've helped our clients overcome, and we know our experience will put our clients at ease. By bringing us on board, you can trust that we'll do everything it takes to bring your vision to life, despite these circumstances.

Whether you've already had to reschedule an event but don't know where to go from here or are worried about having time to get everything in place to hit your deadline, we're here to make everything smooth sailing.

A crisis can be a catalyst for authentic connection, innovation, and neighbors coming together to lend a helping hand. Consider Opulent Events by Gracie, that neighbor. We have contacts on hand who to pull off what you may think is the impossible. But for us, that's just events.

Take advantage of our vast toolkit!

Postponing or reorganizing an event can mean endless hours on the phone, so let us save you the trouble! Several of our resources, suppliers, and vendors are extending unbeatable offers you'll want to hear about! 

We have access to reduced rates and fees and excellent discounts. Our dependable contacts share our passion for this work, and currently offer exceptional flexibility to blackout dates and everything you need to help bring your event to life. Their flexible approach and tireless efforts will ensure your event goes ahead, when and where works best for you.

We know that when we return to business as usual, you'll need everything in place to stage your events right away. Backed by a supportive team, you'll adjust smoothly and execute your event with ease.

Why not go digital?

In the meantime, we offer Virtual Event services in addition to, or instead of, your usual event plans. Did you know you could hold a whole conference online? With state-of-the-art technology, we can pull off digital conferences that are just as engaging as the real thing. It's a fantastic way to proceed with events that you'd prefer not to cancel.


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