Expert Interviews: Shana Fannon, SF Design LLC

“The World of an Interior Designer”

Tell us a little about SF Design, LLC and your specialty:

I am a professional Interior Designer and advocate for connection. There are many experiences that have contributed to my understanding of connection.   Since graduating from design school 14 years ago, I have had some unique traveling experiences and worked to build my professional and personal network.  For the last 10 years I had the privilege of working predominantly in the commercial design world, with companies and people of a variety of backgrounds.  Four years ago, in an effort to build community and connection, I started a women’s personal development book club focusing on reading non-fiction, biographies, fiction, psychology, and personal development books.  I find that reading allows me to relate to the world in a much broader way, and challenge my ways of thinking and being.  Furthermore, I create connections in my life by surrounding myself with people who challenge me to grow, learn, and experience more in the world. 

What’s unique about your services?

My clients are my muse.  I design for them, it's not about trends as much as it is about what is going to create the best possible experience for my clients in any given space.  It’s a holistic view.

What design services do you offer?

I am a full-service interior design firm.

How would you describe your design style?

My designs reflect my clients, my style if we want to call it that, is a refined and clarified, inspired version of my clients' wants, needs, and desires.

Where do you find inspiration?

From traveling to a new and interesting place, reading great fiction, exploring architecture from around the world, dancing.  The inspiration I gain from all the beautiful experiences in my life is beneficial in pulling ideas that specifically apply to my clients and their project.  Who they are, their hobbies, interests, goals, dreams etc., ultimately informs the design.

How would you decide which projects are a good fit for you? 

The relationship and trust with a potential client.  We work with people we like, that’s true for my clients and for me.  If we start from a place of trust I know we will create something amazing together.  I need my clients to input along the way, it challenges me and forces me to rethink my ideas and come up with new solutions to their particular needs.

How do you present your design concept and ideas?

Through a design ideas board.  I typically create it digitally with style and color ideas to set the tone for the project, a mood board if you will.

Do you welcome client involvement or do you prefer clients to be hands-off?

I welcome client involvement.  I at minimum want to get to know them and understand who they are, it is a huge part of what inspires my work.  I love getting to know people.

What is your project-management style like?

I am pretty hands-on.  I grew up around construction sites so I know what can and typically does go wrong and I keep an eye out for it and try to get in front of any problems that arise.  I like to understand the problem and look at a few solutions so I can discuss with the contractors, and if it makes sense the client as well, so we can make the best decision moving forward. 

What do you find most challenging about designing a home? office? business/restaurant?

Figuring out what is going to anchor the entire project.  I usually find it serendipitously but really its research and planning that lead me to the answer, it just kind of feels like, at the moment, that the anchor came into the project out of nowhere. 

What do you prioritize when planning a budget?

It depends on the project, the client’s needs, and the overall plan.  We decide on that together my clients and me. 

How do you select builders/architects/contractors to work a project with you?

The size of the project, the location, and the scope.  I try to always use local contractors and ones that are working on projects relatively close so there is an easy flow of work completion.

What happens if a client doesn’t like a design?

I check in with clients often.  I don’t design the whole thing and present it.  The design process happens in phase; a mood board or design concept board, then initial sketches, a color concept with finishes...etc.  This allows multiple checkpoints for us to make sure the direction I am heading is one that fits the project needs and goals.  I never force a style on a project or a client so there are course corrections if needed along the way.

What has been your favorite project so far? Why?

That’s tough, most of them are my favorite for one reason or another.  They all are unique and stand-alone.

How are you managing through the pandemic?

Well.   I am very scheduled and spend as much focused time working and balance it with time for creativity and relaxed thought.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Managing projects across the country.  Exploring taking on projects in Europe and around the world.  I also see myself with a (streaming) television show with interior design as the foundational element but emphasizing the collaboration between artists and designers of all kinds as well as other disciplines who make designs possible and who create an amazing design together. 

Tell us about your new venture…TV Show?

Its an interview format.  I want to highlight what makes all of us unique.  These unique traits, hobbies, interests, are the elements of people that inform my designs.  Its an integral part of my projects and really my favorite part of the process.

Congratulations on your new show, where can people find details about your new Streaming TV Show?

I don’t have the answer to that yet, but I will soon!

How can folks get in touch with you for your services?

Calling me is the best way.  609-864-6168 or email me at

Is there anything else you’ll like to share with the readers?

I think that covers things pretty well!


Thank you Shana for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us; learning the wonders of interior design, I’m sure this will be beneficial to our readers.  

Join us again when we bring other experts “of their fields” to you. 

Shana, it was a pleasure!

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