Expert Interviews: Joe Monzo, Monzo Media Productions

Compelling videos have a 64% conversion rate

Tell us a little about Monzo Media Productions and your specialty:

Monzo Media Productions is a video production company that helps schools, non-profits, and businesses create compelling videos to drive the marketing results that are needed for the organization to grow. We've also done some internal videos for companies that are meant for training purposes or employment opportunities and that’s always fun to do as well.

Why Monzo Media Productions?

Our clients love working with us for a few reasons. In addition to our style of work of creating compelling videos, we also help our clients through the marketing and distribution phase of the video marketing process. Since video is still new to many organizations it’s important to guide them with best practices to make sure they get the most out of their video(s).

What’s your drive…what gets you up and going day after day?

For me, my drive is being able to tell stories. I know that sounds pretty cliché but it’s true. Learning and putting together stories is at the core why I do what I do….And the video is one of the best ways to do that.

How do you get your inspirations when editing footage of a shoot?

It goes back to what is the story being told. We actually have a lot of the concepts discussed before even the filming begins (known as Pre-Production). When I’m actually in the editing process the first thing I do is make sure the story is there…then everything else comes into place such as B-roll shots, music, color grade, etc. 

What’s the importance of media for companies or brands?...for events?

The big importance for video and media in general for brands and events is to help drive conversions.  When a video is well-done video has a 64% conversion rate. The reason being is that you have the ability to connect on a deeper level than say text or blog articles. For events, this is even more so important. Recap event videos are an amazing way to get an inside look at the excitement, fun, and amazing opportunity that the event provides to help with marketing the event and ticket sales for next year(or next event).

How are you supporting the community through the crisis of COVID-19?

Navigating through this pandemic has been interesting. One of the big ways of supporting the community is teaching people how to properly create a video with their phones, especially in a professional setting. For some of my school clients, it has been teaching DIY video to the community but also repurposes footage from previous shoots to use for social media purposes. So being that guide in both of those scenarios has been super important.

What future do you see for media materials post-COVID-19?

Video has always been increasing in popularity since it started getting popular with YouTube. It had a lot of success from 2012-2019 and now even more so in 2020 since most of our engagements have to be virtual. But I do see a lack of understanding on how to utilize them…and a lot of random video postings. The key thing will be figuring out how to strategically use compelling video to achieve the results that you need to survive and thrive. That said once things clear up I foresee more demand for creating compelling video rather than just video.

Any tips and/or advice for those that don’t fully understand the value of media material for their brand?

Two things I would advise for folks still not sold on using video. The first one is doing the research. The numbers won't lie. Second, ask yourself what content is working and what content is not working. And for things not working is there room to replace that with video?

What’s your vision for your company?

My vision for MMP is really just expanding what we already do now. My big passion has been helping private schools with their video marketing. Right now we have helped about 5 private schools in 3 different states. I'd like to quadruple that number of schools in the next few years. On top of that, serving non-profits and unique businesses are something I'll continue to do as well.

Is there anything else you’ll like to share with the readers?

I'm always open to bounce ideas for video marketing. Happy to schedule a time to chat.  Just set a time with me at     


Thank you Joe for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us; learning your perspective on video marketing was very informative, I’m sure this will be beneficial to our readers.  


Thank you for having me on Gracie! Always a pleasure!


Readers check out the trailer of Joe’s favorite movie The Island a 2005 film.  Watch options and showtimes are available through the below link and guess who stars in it?…no other than Scarlett Johansson another one of our guest’s favorite actor.  Good movie!

Joe, as usual, it’s been a pleasure!

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