Expert Interviews: Michelle Burke, Founder and Maven Maker of Bossibly

"Dare to Compromise"

Tell us a little about Bossibly and your specialty:

Bossibly helps young professional women step into their power in the workplace by teaching them how to be bosses for the first time, advance in their careers, or up-level in some way.  We also help business owners keep those rock stars in the organization by sharing our talent management system, which shows them how putting people first fosters profit and payback.

Please explain the uniqueness of your services?

What makes Bossibly unique is we put people first, have the courage, to tell the truth and encourage our clients to have FUN with the process!  Our job is to tell our clients what they need to know not what they want to hear. Our gift is sharing information to connect to Source (your desire FIRE), which creates the 'AHA' moment. This becomes knowledge. We then help solve the problems they are having by using tools and strategies to practically apply that knowledge.  This is what creates transformation. 🙂

Who’s your target market and why?

We serve young women and middle-aged women (28 - 48) in the workplace.  This includes women in the workplace and those that own and operate small businesses. We love serving these women as our team of gals learned much of what we teach through the school of hard knocks. We want to make it easier for those coming up through the ranks and we want to give back by supporting those ladies with the tools and strategies that have helped us in work and life.  

Let’s talk about the type of services you offer for your clients?

For professionals and business owners, we use a 4 step process:

  • Make a plan
  • Use your Power
  • Get Promoted
  • Have an Impact.

Not everyone needs each step, but usually, there is some sort of gap that exists preventing them from moving to the next level in their work or their life. To be the 'boss' of where they want to go, it's critical to figure out what's missing and why.  We help these women through coaching (1:1 and group), training, and speaking as well as sharing a ton of stuff for free that they can consume and learn on their own if they want.

What do you feel are the biggest obstacles for most people?  What’s getting in their way?

We find that most people have trouble getting out of their own head or fear creeps in. They seek clarity on the next steps and they are frustrated from not moving forward.  Some of this could be a lack of action planning, but clarity comes from asking WHY!  Why do you want what you want? What is your desire FIRE?  Is there something compelling enough to move you forward to get 'unstuck' or drive you to the next step -- whatever that maybe?

What’s your advice to people facing those challenges?

Whether folks work with us or not, we've created 2 tools -- yep also FREE -- to give ladies a place to start!  For professionals, it’s our and for business owners, it's our assessment. Both are designed to provide them with insight on their gaps so they can have a starting place. Yes, it's a self-assessment tool, but introspection is part of the journey. We encourage women to learn more about themselves and what they can improve.  We love to see them continuing to grow so they can add value while they fulfill their desires for their work and their life!

You have a process you do with your clients, in helping them find their “Purpose”…how do you define the principals for one identifying their “Purpose”? 

We love to make this process fun!  We start by asking about their desire FIRE!  Why do they want what they want?  What makes their heart sing?  It's different for everyone and the answers can be all over the map.  We find out their values, strengths, experience, passions, skills, and abilities. We ask key questions to help produce the clarity they need for themselves and we tap into the 4 energy pillars (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual) to connect the dots on what makes them powerful women.

How important is “brand” to one’s purpose? Why?  

Whether we know it or not, we have a brand as people. Many people think of branding in the context of products -- like Coke for example.  Let's look at branding as humans. Oprah Winfrey is an excellent example of branding and how that ties to the purpose. I'm guessing that Oprah's purpose is to give back and help others through the things she chooses to do.  She had her own show for a while where she educated all of us and she helped many during those shows. Now, she has her own network (no pun intended - - LOL) where she still educates, helps others, and shares information. She lives her purpose through what she does even as it changes and her 'brand' is light, warm, inviting, educational, helpful, and inspiring.  Why is the combination of purpose and the power of your 'brand' important? Because it helps attract the type of work you want to do and the people you want in your life. Can you see Oprah Winfrey aligning with Andrew Dice Clay?  Hahahaha!  Probably not. 😉

Does it matter if individuals are trying to be the boss of their career vs a business…would these principles for “purpose” and “brand” still apply?

Ah, this is an excellent question!  It doesn't matter if someone is trying to be the boss of their career or running their own business.  The purpose and brand principles still apply.  The clarity to be the boss of your career and run your own business is required to move forward -- in whatever capacity that takes shape.

Normally we would ask; “where do you see Bossibly in 5 years”, but due to Covid-19 we want to know how do you envision 2021 for Bossibly? 

We love the 'where do you want to be in 5 years' question!  We play this game as a team all the time.  In 5 years, Bossibly will be a global macro influencer.  That means team Bossibly will be helping between 10,000 and 1 million women globally transform their work and their lives.  We know there are women out there that need help and support.  Our team will be launching a membership community in 2021 which will provide a means for women to be the boss of their careers and businesses by helping each other. We intend to be the conduit to make that happen while making it affordable for those that want to play with us!

What’s the best way for people to get in touch with your services?

Anyone can find us at  I welcome conversations in all forms -- email, phone, or chat. 🙂  My email is, my phone is 321.626.5453 and I love showing up to serve.  Reach out and let me know how I can be of service.

Is there anything else you’ll like to share with the readers?

Yes!  Step into your power!  Embrace your YOU-ness!  If it's one thing we love to see, it's when women are able to see how awesome they are through their own eyes with a nudge in that direction.  Whether you work with us or not, find a mentor, or develop a support system that helps you do just that. Each of us has a special gift to give the world.  Find yours and let your desire FIRE burn!!!


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