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Expert Interviews: Jaclyn Watson, Principal Planner and Designer at Jaclyn Watson Events

Tell us a little about Jaclyn Watson Events:

Jaclyn Watson Events specializes in custom bespoke weddings & events based in Vermont|New York|Florida.  Our couples come to us from all over the world looking for a destination wedding that is close to home and to the heart. Our mission as your production company is to create a celebrated experience that helps forge unforgettable memories for all those in attendance.  Our corporate clients are looking to create a unique experience whether it’s for their company, a family reunion, a milestone celebration, or an event that is close to home and to heart, we will surpass all guest expectations.

What’s unique about your services?

We are passionate about capturing a couple or companies’ personal style and vision to create exceptional weddings and events. Our storytelling design style helps to create an involved experience for all those attending. We pride ourselves in our vetted event professionals, brought together by a vast network of creatives after a decade in the event industry. Working alongside some of the industry’s most sought-after wedding professionals, JWE will help to create the luxury wedding of your dreams.  As a team we push our creative threshold, always striving to create something new and unique for our clients. When you book with Jaclyn Watson Events, you guarantee a rare level of dedication to your event details. Our focus is to know you individually so that we can bring you to the table and create awe-inspiring, yet familiar experiences for you and your guests. You become a part of the JWE family, and you can count on you and yours being involved in a unique family-team approach to the planning process which will be custom-tailored to fit within your lifestyle most comfortably.

You do amazingly beautiful work in the wedding industry.  We understand that a bride comes to you with her vision for her special day, but inspiration must start from somewhere to help bring that to life, where do you get your inspiration from when starting the design process for a client?

We love the initial planning process with our clients. We send them a welcome email along with a 14-page in-depth questionnaire getting to know who they are, who their families and guests are. We ask every question out there and their vision is brought to life through that questionnaire, mood boards, and mockups!

Tell us your journey and what directed you into the wedding industry?

Principle Planner Jackie Watson comes from a performing arts background and has over a decade of design, production, and vendor relations experience. It was after planning her own wedding that her eyes were opened to the lack of personal, customized experience-planning in Vermont. With support from those closest to her, a degree in Psychology and Business Management, and a passion for design, details and planning, the company was born. Jackie’s approach to the planning experience is one of relaxation, creativity, and ease. She is an inspired innovator and relentless in her pursuit of refinement & perfection in her designs. The Green Mountain State is Jackie’s residence throughout the bulk of the year, but the warm Florida sunshine calls her and her family south through the winter. Barefoot in the sand with her husband and their beagles, watching the sunset into the ocean is where she is truly home. Lover of kayaking, biking, and ocean side fires, and spending quality time with an intimate group of friends are among her favorite hobbies. If she is not in the office working, or in bed working, you can find Jackie seeking out her next personal or professional challenges, always searching for knowledge to improve all aspects of her life and career. A busy-body to the bone, it’s often expected that a free weekend equates to a drive into Montreal for a delicious meal or heading down to Philly for a concert. Her experience-driven lifestyle reflects in her work as she strives to create an unforgettable event around the personalities of her clients.

You have a presence in the industry, not just in your talent but where you are showing tremendous support to up and coming wedding professionals, share with us what that looks like.

We love supporting our fellow industry pros and creating lasting bonds that develop into amazing teams. We also welcome the new industry people, this is where principle planner Jackie Watson excels at her skills in networking and educating from her ten years of experience in the wedding industry.

Tell us what it’s been like for you in the industry during COVID-19.  What do you recommend other wedding professionals do to keep things moving along for their business?

This has been the toughest year we have ever had, and there have been moments of bitter tears to joyous screams of excitement. Jackie personally feels that with every obstacle or challenge there is a learning opportunity and a place to grow. Weddings will continue.

Do you feel brides are reluctant or bolder than ever (under the circumstances) in moving forward with their plans for their weddings today?

I think couples are moving forward as we are fully booked with new clients for 2021. I think we're all ready to move forward and figure out the new norm.

What precautions or protocols have you put in place to protect your bridal couples, their family, and guests?  What advice can you offer other professionals in the industry?

We follow all the current guidelines for each state we are in. We make sure couples, guests, and families are all social distancing, wearing masks, and staying in their trusted pods.

Is there anything else you’ll like to share with the readers?

JWE is all about family and we pride ourselves on creating a family atmosphere with all our clients. We want them to 100% trust us in what we do and become our creative partners for the time that we are planning together. We are here to create and deliver an amazing experience that they and their guests will talk about for years to come.


Thank you Jaclyn for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us about the beauty of your work and the challenges the industry faces today. Please contact Jaclyn Watson Events for their wedding services. 

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Jackie, it’s been a pleasure!

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