Guest: SHR Images and Photography


Name/Title: Suzette Horst, Photographer and President

Date: September 29, 2015

Tell us a little about SHR Images and Photography and your specialty of photography:

SHR images & Photography, LLC is a boutique studio that is based in the Princeton, NJ area. All of my work is shot on location so, in a sense, the world at large is my studio. I turn memories into tangible images you can hold in your hand, whether that memory comes from a wedding, christening, family portrait, or corporate photography.

What makes you stand out among all other photographers?  Why should anyone consider your services?

My clients and their memories are important to me. I am a Fine Art photographer, so if you’re looking for a “shoot and burn” photographer or want me to just shoot your event and turn over the SDHC card at the end, I’m not your photographer and you’re not my client. My images tell a story; therefore, the image that captures the memory is the most important thing. Images matter to me, and images have to be the most important thing to my clients as well. That memory and the chance to capture it in an image only comes once.

Studio or on-site photography; which works best for you and why?

Since I’m a lifestyle, photojournalistic photographer, I only shoot on location. My images tell a story, and as it is with any good story, setting is important. I also find that people relax more and take better pictures if they’re in surroundings that are familiar to them or where they feel most comfortable.

What’s the importance of photography for events?

Special moments in special events only come once, and you have to be observant and watch for them. It’s more than group photos; it’s the tear in a father’s eye when he sees his daughter in her wedding dress, or the look on a Great Grandparent’s face when they hold the newest addition to the family in their arms. I get paid to capture those moments, which means guests and family members can be fully present and fully participate in the moment - not bending over a smartphone to take a picture.

Would you say photography is just as important for corporate?  Why?

Absolutely! Again, it’s all about the image. Professional headshots represent the company, as well as professional shots of the company at work and of their surroundings. Images are what potential clients see on websites and brochures, and set the tone of the company. Corporate can also involve product photography of what that company sells, and has to get as close to lifelike as possible without the consumer actually holding that product in their hands. Images sell product; images sell the company.

How do you get your inspirations when shooting?

I have a BA in Theatre so I know how to stage things and set them up to look as spontaneous as possible if you are not a spontaneous person. Inspirations can come from nature, famous works of art, or just simply being in the moment.

Any tips and advice for brides and grooms for their wedding photography?

You are going to be spending a LOT of time with your photographer, so it’s important that the two of you get along. If you don’t hit it off, you may want to consider someone else. Look at a photographer’s portfolio to see if you like the style in which they shoot. Know your budget, but keep in mind that the images of your wedding will be all that’s left, so budget the next largest part of your expenses for photography. The day you book your venue should also be the day you book your photographer because a lot of us do not double book dates and shoot only one wedding on each date, and book up a year in advance. For example, I don’t double book my dates, so when I receive your retainer, I remove myself from all other projects so I can give your wedding my full attention that day.

What advice do you have for our full figure brides?

Be PROUD of who you are! You are beautiful no matter what size! And trust your photographer to use their expertise to make you look fabulous! Make sure your dress fits you well, and don’t focus on the size of the dress. Wedding dresses were meant to be altered, so they’re larger than street sizes, and it doesn’t matter what size you are - size zero or size 20. Make sure your dress doesn’t bind, pinch, or gap, and take the time to MOVE in your dress to be sure the fit is comfortable and looks right. Trust me - nobody is going to ask what size you were when you got married!

What are your thoughts about the LGBT community’s big accomplishment this year?  How will this impact your business?

I am ELATED!!! I just shot a wedding of an LGBT couple three weeks ago. Since my marriage is mixed-race, it was always important that marriage equality become the law of the land because there was a time within my own lifetime that my husband and I would not have been allowed to marry. I’m hoping that with the recent ruling that we can move past the label of “same-sex” marriage and just call it “marriage”.

Where do you see your company in 5 years?

I see SHR Images & Photography, LLC coming up on 15 years in the business, and still serving clients in the NY/NJ/PA Tri-State area and beyond. I see my business capturing many more happy memories and making all my clients happy!

Is there anything else you’ll like to share with the readers?

Photography is SO important because that moment captured in a photograph only happens once. That moment may live in your heart and your head, but having an actual picture you can hold in your hand, point to, and say, “remember when…?” takes you right back to that moment and pulls other people into that moment as well. And it’s important to be IN the pictures and not just take them - that’s why you hire a photographer. Lastly, get physical prints because you can lose your hard drive or cards can become corrupted, and then those memories are lost.


Thank you Suzette for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us; learning your perspective on photography in the event industry was very informative, I’m sure this will be beneficial to our readers.


You’re welcome; it was my pleasure! Thank you so much!


Come see SHR Images and Photography work and meet Suzette in person at our Opulent Showcase 2016, May 4, 2016!

Suzette, as usual it’s been a pleasure!

Until next time,