Perfect Pitches Is Not So Much About You, but More About What Your Audience Needs Right Now

Expert Interviews: Precious L. Williams, CEO of Perfect Pitches by Precious, LLC

Tell us a little about Perfect Pitches by Precious and why it’s so unique:

Perfect Pitches by Precious was founded in late 2013 to show women how to pitch their businesses, brands, books, products, and services on a massive scale, unapologetically.  As a 13 - time national elevator pitch champion, it never failed that when people saw me pitch live, they wanted to sign up to be my clients immediately.  At first, I didn't believe that I could teach what came so naturally to me but GOD kept telling me that pitching is my gift!  Just go prove it and I did!

Who’s your target market?  What services and programs do you offer?

My target market is successful women corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and speakers who struggle with putting themselves out there and gaining much-needed visibility.  They were getting ready to launch new businesses, products, services, and books and had no framework for how to do so.  When I started, I wanted to teach, coach, and share how I was able to book PAID speaking gigs, get media attention easily without paying, and standing out in networking groups.  These led to major corporate clients, customers, and readers of my books and my clients' work too!  I offer 1 on 1 coaching, group coaching, digital and online training too!

When you think of “pitches” you think of “elevator pitches”, in fact, there are several different purposes and/or types of pitching.  Can you describe them to us?

Yes, here are a few different types of pitches in addition to elevator pitches: 

  1. Media pitches 
  2. Investor Pitches 
  3. Speaker Pitches
  4. Interview pitches

Let’s face it…most people are uncomfortable speaking in front of people, no matter the size of the audience…more so when you're actually in the elevator. (pun intended)  What are some of the best ways to overcome the level of fear…discomfort…shyness?

First, remember it's not so much about you but more about what your audience needs right now.  You are the messenger with the right message.  In the time allotted, tell a relatable story, address the main pain points, establish yourself as the expert, and make sure you have a powerful call to action.  The basics are:

  1. Who you are 
  2. What you do 
  3. Who do you serve 
  4. Your secret sauce 
  5. Why should your audience care to work with you 
  6. A powerful call to action

What are some of the top speaking skills people should have or focus on improving? 

Confidence, confidence, confidence!  Other skills, pacing, cadence, practice, and getting a good coach or program that teaches you the fundamentals of speaking.  You need to have a solid foundation.  What is your niche as a speaker?  What makes you different.  Create your own lane in your industry.  Have a strong viewpoint and defend it well.

It must be challenging keeping an audience or prospect engaged, what are some tips for making sure you don’t lose anyone's attention on what you have to say or share?

As the great Dr. Cheryl Wood says, "start off with a bang and end with fireworks!"  Start with a question, a startling quote, or statistics.  Most people who pitch are boring and say the same things over and over.  Your job is to interrupt the pattern and give them something to listen to.  Keep the pace and keep them engaged.  Make your presentation interactive and get the audience involved!

Bad habits are hard to stop and good habits are hard to start.  For many of us, we have those bad “natural” habits such as filler words and constantly repeating the same things over.  What are some of the tricks or “tips” for managing these bad habits?

I am quite different in that I spend less time focusing on weaknesses when we can focus more on the good things you do.  The more you practice, the filler words just leave because you are building confidence in yourself and your abilities.  Remember, focus on the audience and not on your supposed flaws and failures.  I am a natural speaker who was never taught to speak.  Been doing this since I was 16 years old.  I am quite different from most and a bit unorthodox.  I love transparency and authenticity.  I believe in practice makes perfect but letting the energy of the crowd spur me on!  The audience wants, needs, and desires real people who are in their zone of genius unapologetically! 

What are the DOs and Don’ts of speaking?

Do:  Bring passion, energy, and intensity to ALL your pitches and presentations.  To create excitement and strive to make your presentations interactive.  Address what the audience wants and NEEDS to hear.  Be transparent and authentic.  Use dramatic pauses in your cadence. 

Don't:  Be boring, don't regurgitate what others have said, don't be wishy-washy.

Tell us about your products.  You have a #1 bestseller and other materials?  How can people get a hold of your products?

My number #1 bestselling books are:  "Bad Bitches and Power Pitches:  For Women Entrepreneurs and Speakers Only," and "Bad Bitches and Power Pitches:  The Workbook."  I also have 1 on 1 Pitch Coaching and Speaker Coaching Training.  We are also debuting digital online products too!  All can be found at

Is there a Perfect Pitch membership?  How can people join?

Not yet!  The Membership site is starting in January 2021

Confidence is essential for speaking in front of a crowd, what if you are shy…is speaking still for you?

Yes, even if you are shy or an introvert, speaking can be for you!  I work with quite a bit of introvert and it's beautiful watching them become comfortable as the expert in their craft and not just a speaker.  I work with these clients to show how they can use their "inner quiet storm" to transform a room and make the crowd welcome them!

I’ve heard you and another entrepreneur use the phrase “when they zig you zag”, explain what that means to you?

I mean that my clients as well as myself don't follow trends, WE SET TRENDS!!!  Because I am not average, random, or ordinary, I expect them to have strong viewpoints and opinions and realize that because everyone is not their customer, don't try to reach everyone.  Your tribe can and will find you when you realize that you are different.  That's why I help them #createtheirownlane as speakers and as pitchers. 

Why is it important to stand out?

This is very important to me because I want them to stand out and not just be seen and lumped into the same category as everyone else.  When they embrace their difference, it helps them gain speaking gigs especially for them, investors seek them out, and opportunities that they never knew about somehow find them!  That is the power of being different for a good reason and embracing their unique talent!

How valuable is it to do a Perfect Pitch?

It is so valuable to do the perfect pitch that I created a whole new industry for it in the realm of speaking!  It's how we all get noticed, seen, heard, and offered opportunities before anyone else.  It's how I gained media, corporate clients, speaking gigs, became a 2X #1 bestselling author, etc.

How can people get in touch with you for your services?  To hire you for speaking gigs?

I can be reached at: 


Thank you Precious for taking time out of your busy schedule today to chat with us about perfect pitches, how not to suck, and the power of pitching or speaking.  This will all be beneficial for many of our readers.  

Continue to watch out for more interviews, tips, and advice from amazing experts like Precious L. Williams.  Precious is welcome back anytime to join us for more talks on getting out there and pitching your business!  

Precious, as usual, it’s been a pleasure!

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