The Game of Life is Won by Zagging When the Rest Zig

Expert Interviews: Rivers Corbett, Founder of ChefTorial and Podcast Host "Inside the HeadSpace for Entrepreneurs"

Tell us a little about ChefTorial Experience and why it’s so unique:

ChefTorial is actually part of a 22 year business of being a chef talent agency providing unique culinary experiences for our business clients.  With Covid, we pivoted online to bring the food and beverage experience virtual, specifically to the events world which had a void in this area, as it related to delivering their own events.

You have Chefs around the world, which clients can bring right into their homes virtually with this program.  Tell us about some of the talented chefs and their remarkable dishes.

Our ChefTorials are primarily customized for our clients.   We have three primary areas of ChefTorial offerings in addition to our recently launched Holiday ChefTorials.    Oh yes…we can’t forget about our mixologist programs also.  

Links to follow:   

Three of our amazing chefs.

Who’s your target marketing? 

Virtual event professionals who want to bring an interactive virtual culinary experience of education and fun to their clients

You have different types of packages for different occasions & groups; can you share those with us?

Folks I have to say, this is very unique and different from what would imagine, you must experience it.  Rivers, “How can people learn more about the ChefTorial Experience and sign up for a session”?

Our site is with an amazing "News" section that can explain our journey etc.      And my email address is

I look at you as a visionary businessman, what’s your vision for the future with ChefTorial?

To be the #1 chef talent agency on the planet

You also have a Podcast show, which is soooo much fun!...with a host like you and your sense of humor.  Tell us a little about the show and what you focus on with your guests?

I believe I was brought to the planet to help entrepreneurs save the world.    I am a strong believer that entrepreneurs are the most important people on the planet, just below Moms 🙂   So as part of that journey, I love talking to entrepreneurs and sharing their stories of the ups and downs so we can all learn and grow.

What's one thing you wish you had known when you began your career?

The power of consistent focus and discipline

What is your biggest failure, and what did you learn from it?

Chasing money versus talent.    We brought investors into our restaurant chain to help grow it.   We were desperate for the money so we made a deal with the devil.   Needless to say, the business collapsed under their leadership.

What advice would you give someone wanting to pursue a career or profession similar to yours?

The game of life is won by Zagging when the rest zig.   BE a CWAZY one like the Apple Commercial references

How can people get in touch with you to be a guest on your show?

Is there anything else you’ll like to share with the readers?

Yes…I run a popular private Facebook group for entrepreneurs.  HeadSpace for Entrepreneurs.   Your guest is welcome to join us and engage in a great conversation with entrepreneurs around the planet.   Here's the link to sign up at


Thank you Rivers for visiting with us today to chat with us about your entrepreneur journey and projects, I’m sure this will be beneficial for many of our readers.  


Gracie…keep doing your magic.   We need you.


Continue to watch out for more interviews, tips, and advice from amazing experts like Rivers Corbett.  Rivers are welcome back anytime to join us for more talks of; the world and mind of an entrepreneur. 

…by the way, check out the movie we were talking about on Netflix “Queen’s Gambit” very good movie!

Rivers, as usual, it has been a pleasure!

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Check out the video chat between Rivers and Gracie:

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