Expert Interviews: Ashley C. Owens, Ashley Assists LLC

“Building and keeping relationships is a key role in any successful business”

Tell us a little about Ashley Assist, LLC and your specialty:

I am is the first and only Networking Concierge that puts you in the right situation or gets you out of the wrong one. Networking, building, and keeping relationships is a key role in any successful business. Most working professionals are inundated with multiple aspects of business development from lead to deal. Leads go from warm to cold quickly because of lack of follow up and opportunities become missed opportunities. Ashley Assists, LLC coaches individuals in tasks associated with networking activities that build an effective professional network. I actively work as a strategic partner, attending events with professionals as an extension and champion of them during networking opportunities and conferences.

What’s unique about your services?

I am the only one of my kind. There are no other networking concierge's out there that are attending events with clients and training on effective virtual networking tactical activities. 

What’s your target market (your ideal client)? 

Sales Trainers, Business Coaches, Business Development Professionals, small to medium size business owners.

What type of businesses/companies do you thrive with the most with your services?

Professional services, technology, and more heavily saturated markets like real estate and finance.

Why networking? What do professionals gain from networking?

Networking is such a personal activity, it is not a one size fits all practice. Most people get bogged down in the details and miss out on the foundation of how to build and retain an effective network. Professionals gain an army and group of champions that will advocate for you when you are not in the room.

Tell us about your workshops and speaking engagements?

As a professional speaker and socialite with a focus on business growth and tactical professional networking, I run workshops monthly on these topics and on nurturing relationships. I work as a media personality and interviewer on RVNTV and am a programming expert on ThisisItTV specifically around networking.  Combining the experiences I have to engage and audience effectively, I definitely bring a disruption not only in my media personality but also in my core business.

Any tips and advice you want to offer for networking?

Yes! Networking is a personal activity and not a one size fits all mentality. No one cares what you do, but how you can provide value.

Tell us about your shows….and the networks you work with:

Connect to Success is an online streaming show where I talk to power networkers in the Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey area. I find out who you are, what makes you awesome, and your practical tips and tactical takeaways in networking. The show airs on Thursdays at 12:30 pm on RVN TV and is recorded here in our Cherry Hill, New Jersey studio. Join Ashley Owens, Networking Concierge every Tuesday for Ask Ashley only on the This is it Network, where she answers all your unfiltered business questions. Hate your boss? Learn how to manage that relationship. Sexist coworker? Learn what to say to stand your ground. Idiot client, that won’t pay on time? Learn tactical tips and practical takeaways on how to manage expectations. Ashley isn’t perfect, just wildly passionate and opinionated on issues that she herself has faced. Her failures are your nuggets of knowledge. So join the conversation and submit your question to be featured on the show, get your questions' answered, and let the hilarity ensue.

Why did you get into hosting TV shows?

I have a very eclectic background starting my career in film and television and the hosting opportunity came as an accident. I was working with a client and looking at opportunities to get him interviewed so he could talk about his business on a local channel. I called up the studio, made friends with the producer, got my client an interview and they asked me to be a host. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I then had the fortune of being introduced to Cheldin Rumer who is a powerhouse in her own right. She and I met and collaborated and I got the coveted spot on her network to run my own show. It was a dream come true.

What advice can you offer for those appearing, for the first time, on a TV show?

Come with a lot of energy. If you are excited and passionate about what you do it comes across on screen and people can feel it. When they watch you, remember to give the audience experience.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Speaking at conferences full time and doing a book tour.

How do you see the future for businesses and professionals post-COVID19?...why?

Businesses will now see the benefits and cost-effectiveness of employees working from home. But business professionals will see the benefit of in-person meetings, one on one connections and the importance of building a presence online.

How can people become a guest on either of your shows?


Where can people find details about your workshops and speaking engagements?

All social media platforms and the Networking Newsletter!

Is there anything else you’ll like to share with the readers?

It's is really easy to work with me and it won't break the bank. My champion program is a monthly service where you get a full hour with me, 3 introductions a month to strategic partners, and access to a private slack channel for daily activities and tasks. More information on that here:


Thank you Ashley for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us; learning the power of networking and all about your world of Digital TV Hosting, I’m sure this will be beneficial to our readers.  

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Ashley, as usual it’s been a pleasure! I would love to invite you back.

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