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Opulent Events by Gracie’s extensive experience, resources, and passion for perfection make us an undeniable leader in the event management industry for Corporate Events, Weddings, and Special Occasions.  We are excellent at what we do and confident in our ability to not only satisfy but exceed our customers’ expectations.  We’ve thoughtfully developed the formula for success and expanded that knowledge into our Events of Expertise, setting us apart from the competition.

Our company’s history stems from our Founder and President’s tenure working for global pharmaceutical companies for over 10 years.  She gained invaluable insight into all aspects of event management and has an excellent understanding of protocols, industry-related guidelines, policies, processes, regulations & compliance procedures (SOPs, QMS, HIPPA, etc.).  With her guidance, the collective corporate team has become an authority on Pharma/Healthcare event management.   Together, we strategize about each customer’s brand, marketing, and the management, production, design, and frequency of events.

Fundraising has become one of our most notable accolades.   We are honored to provide services for many philanthropic causes and create powerful fundraising solutions for each event.  From galas to walk-a-thons, auctions, and sports tournaments, we learn about the cause and potential donors to maximize the donations.  We know how to boost awareness and credibility and plan a budget which is essential to attain the highest total net gain.  Our goal is always to overachieve, and we’re proud to have done just that with an impressive track record of increasing funds raised from 70-77% versus the previous year.

Similar to the Pharma industry, the Cannabis industry is complicated and complex. From legislation, regulation, and compliance news to industry trends and expert advice on cultivation and legal issues, there’s much to know about the world’s newest and most dynamic industry.  With 23 states legalizing Cannabis medicinally and 11 states recreationally, more Americans will soon have access to it.  Sharing and marketing specific knowledge is critical to its success.  We’ve carefully researched and studied the legal Cannabis industry, dissecting its popularity and analyzing its growth to a multi-billion dollar entity.  We develop a customized plan for each conference, workshop series, or large expo to communicate with business owners and consumers and to effectively promote the brand and achieve its goals.

Lastly, much like the highly lucrative Cannabis industry, Esports has become an international phenomenon with billions of dollars up for grabs.  Live events can turn casual gamers into megastars in the world of competitive video gaming with tournaments and gaming events attracting millions of fans.  So, we wasted no time at all getting into the game at Opulent Events by Gracie!  As a champion in the event management industry, we can knock out the competition with our services, taking your brand, Esports Association, gaming corporation, or professional team to the next level.

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