We’ll host your event for free. Because we’re all in this together

We know you’ve probably been having a hard time, that’s why we’re offering a whole range of complementary services to help you promote your business.

There is no denying it, times have been tough, and we’ve all been facing unprecedented challenges in our respective industries. But one comfort is that we’re all in this together. And when professionals put their minds together, they can achieve great things, no matter the situation.

That was our thinking at Opulent Events by Gracie, which is why we are offering the chance for you to collaborate with us and enjoy access to free events and the opportunity to get your brand out there, completely free of charge. From a full virtual event hosting service to speaking opportunities and the chance to reach out to our 20,000-strong contacts list, we want to help you and in turn, give our industries - and the economy as a whole – a boost.

We have the fortune of eight successful years under our belt, and we’re the first to acknowledge that we’ve had plenty of support and encouragement from colleagues and associates along the way. So we are determined to pay that forward.

Come and join us! Whether you are interested in free virtual events production support, speaking or networking opportunities, you simply need to submit your request, and we will provide complimentary services so you can get back in the game, enjoy success and grow. Read on to discover more and then simply get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Complimentary virtual event

If you’ve dreamed of hosting an event but don’t quite know where to start in the current climate, this service is for you. We’re going to host one event free of charge every month until December 2022, when scientists believe that a cure for Covid-19 will be available. We will put our team of event planning experts at your disposal to organize and manage a virtual corporate event for your business, just like we always do. The only difference is that this time, our event planning services are completely free.

You’ll benefit from two whole months of planning services, of which we will absorb all costs, and you’ll also have two virtual event staff available for extra support during your event.

This is an excellent chance for businesses that are considering the virtual event platform but aren’t yet sure if it will suit their business needs. Virtual events are also the perfect and engaging substitute if you’ve had to cancel an event due to Covid-19. Or maybe you’re a new business, and you’ve never held an event of any kind, virtual or in-person. We can help you take your networking and outreach to the next level completely free of charge.

Corporate events are essential for making new contacts, growing your client base, and getting your brand name known. Just because the way we do business is different now, doesn’t mean business itself is different. Now more than ever, getting your name out there and letting your clients and customers know you’re there for them is essential.

Plus, a virtual event is an effective way to stay relevant to your audience and grow your brand, even while sheltering in place. Since these events are free to you, you lose nothing, and you get to test-drive the amazingly advanced virtual event platform before making a financial commitment. We know you’ll love it.

This event is 100% your own; we don’t require any speaking slots or sponsored messages. The only thing you’ll need to do is promote your event to customers, associates, and your industry, then get ready to start networking.

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  • Expert interviews

Now is a time when we are all looking to expand our networks, build partnerships, and find new clients, and we want to help you do just that. We are offering to create a profile of your company, through both a video and written interview so that we can present your company to our 20,000-strong contacts list.

Our skillful team of marketing experts and designers will create a story around your brand. We will weave together an engaging account of who you are as a company and what you can do for your community and customers. This is a wonderful and free opportunity to showcase your company, highlight your strengths, and share with potential clients your business journey, survival tactics, motivations, and goals. These insights are always of value to our contacts, and we’d love to give them the chance to hear more from you.

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  • Opulent Events by Gracie hosted conferences

Our third free opportunity is the chance for you to speak at one of our popular virtual events. This is a guaranteed way to gain followers and inspire new clients to partner with you as well as presenting yourself as an expert in your field and inviting your own contacts to reconnect with you.

We organize our own virtual events every two months, and we would like to invite you to be a speaker. It is your chance to share tips and advice with potential customers and offer insights into how to get ahead during these difficult times.

Each speaker will have a time frame to talk and 10 minutes to respond to questions, and we welcome professionals from all walks of life. Maybe you are representing your company, or a book or podcast you have produced, or perhaps you simply wish to appear as an expert in your business area. It is a chance to present yourself, meet business contacts, and alert your followers to tune into an exciting and beneficial event.

These free virtual events include virtual networking sessions and even a virtual exhibition hall where you can visit booths and set up your own, as well as bringing together industry leaders. Free of charge and completely organized by us, all you have to do is promote yourself and then show up.

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Let’s keep progressing together

From our team of virtual events managers at Opulent Events by Gracie, we extend you a warm invitation to take advantage of these free opportunities to grow your business, even during these difficult times. If you’re not sure which offer would be the best fit for your company, our event planning experts will take you through the options and the benefits of each one. Together we will survive and thrive!

Contact a representative at info@opulenteventsbygracie.com or call 215-376-5758